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Nov 28, 2014
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May 2
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a place mum calls the orphanage
A roving doggo


Boss Member, from a place mum calls the orphanage

i N T h E A R m S O F T H e a n G e l , f l y a W a y f R O M h E r E F r O m T H i s d a r k , c o L D h o T E L R o o M Jun 23, 2017 at 11:49 PM

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Jun 26, 2017 at 7:16 AM
    1. dankmeme
      what is that profile
      1. SirCorgi
        I feast on minecraft egirls
        Jun 26, 2017 at 6:46 AM
    2. Sookarook
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      2. SirCorgi
        the best thing ever
        Jun 26, 2017 at 4:44 AM
    3. GbDuck
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      2. SirCorgi
        @WhyteDuck the student has beat his master

        git destroyed on with my comic sans
        Jun 24, 2017 at 10:32 PM
      3. GbDuck
        I can show you how ;)
        Jun 25, 2017 at 9:38 AM
      4. SirCorgi

        yes pls
        Jun 26, 2017 at 4:44 AM
    4. SirCorgi
      i N T h E A R m S O F T H e a n G e l , f l y a W a y f R O M h E r E F r O m T H i s d a r k , c o L D h o T E L R o o M
    5. dankmeme
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      3. SirCorgi
        i N T h E A R m S O F T H e a n G e l , f l y a W a y f R O M h E r E

        F r O m T H i s d a r k , c o L D h o T E L R o o M
        Jun 23, 2017 at 11:48 PM
        WiiTarded likes this.
      4. WiiTarded
        H e I L
        Jun 24, 2017 at 1:40 AM
      5. SirCorgi
        f E G e L e I n
        Jun 24, 2017 at 8:03 AM
        WiiTarded likes this.
    6. Herf
      u did 9/11 u muslim
      1. Causal
        Jun 22, 2017 at 3:23 PM
      2. Mega_
        8/11 Pentagon announces they lost 2.3 trillion dollars
        9/11 Plane flys into the Pentagons accounting department.
        Jun 22, 2017 at 3:23 PM
      3. SirCorgi
        uhm sir I think u are mistaken

        that was my cousin you see
        Jun 23, 2017 at 2:05 AM
    7. Nubxy
      1. SirCorgi likes this.
      2. SirCorgi
        the corgi clearly won this match
        Jun 22, 2017 at 5:32 AM
        Nubxy likes this.
    8. SirCorgi
      When ISIS attacks, all of Islam is blamed and if a black attacks his race is blamed. But if a white guy attacks, only he get's blamed.
      1. Purge and Auzzi like this.
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      3. Ares_Xena
        Didn't really read the main two things. Just gonna type this about the last thing: It shouldn't.
        There, nothing else, no drama, no big conversation or reply needed.
        Jun 22, 2017 at 2:48 PM
      4. Mega_
        All of the top intelligence services in the world have found that 15-25% of Muslims are extremists. That is 240-400 million People. Through many, many surveys, both government and private sector businesses found that 40% of British Muslims are extremists.

        So this just proves that it's not a small handful of people, it is Islam.
        Jun 22, 2017 at 3:19 PM
      5. SirCorgi
        So less than a half of Islam are considered 100%?

        Jun 23, 2017 at 2:07 AM
    9. dankmeme
    10. Purge
      lady and the tramp doggo.
      1. SirCorgi likes this.
      2. SirCorgi
        it's just some stock photo but I can see the resemblance. Didn't even realise it until now ;o
        Jun 16, 2017
    11. SirCorgi
      who's the edgiest k1d in town!!11!1!!1!!!
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      2. SirCorgi
        you have no privilege so can you like leave thanks
        Jun 14, 2017
      3. Andrewswj

        Jun 14, 2017
        SirCorgi likes this.
      4. SirCorgi
        ; ; ( ( ( x
        Jun 15, 2017
    12. Teddy
      I am finally online my fren
      1. SirCorgi
        ABOUT TIME
        Jun 13, 2017
        Teddy likes this.
    13. Purge
      sar har
      1. SirCorgi
        Jun 13, 2017
    14. dankmeme
      1. SirCorgi
        dots are over-rated

        they're too perfect and nobody can make a perfect circle let alone a solid one
        Jun 10, 2017
    15. TommyJB
      SIr why
      1. SirCorgi
        Jun 6, 2017
    16. SirCorgi
      Good God I fear for what is going on in London right now. Yes, this new attack might not be terrorist related, but it's scary nonetheless.
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      2. SirCorgi
        Jun 15, 2017
      3. Elliot
        noot noots*
        Jun 15, 2017
      4. SirCorgi
        nudes and cs:go skins*
        Jun 15, 2017
        Elliot likes this.
    17. Purge
      1. SirCorgi
        Jun 3, 2017
    18. SirCorgi
      Tekken 6 is lit but it came out ages ago where have I been
    19. Breakfast
      1. SirCorgi
        May 31, 2017
      2. Breakfast
        May 31, 2017
      3. SirCorgi
        Jun 1, 2017
    20. Purge
      1. SirCorgi likes this.
      2. SirCorgi
        bok choi?
        May 31, 2017
        Purge likes this.
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  • About

    May 2
    Home Page:
    a place mum calls the orphanage
    A roving doggo
    Minecraft IGN:
    Greetings fellow visitor of my profile page. I'm SirCorgi, but I used to be reborn. Feel free to call me rocky~

    I am an introvert who lives in Sydney, Australia. I have 2 brothers, 1 older and 1 a twin, which is cool, because you're never really lonely, but then they can be annoying at times.
    I am in Year 7, and I am 12 years old. My favourite thing in the world is dogs/wolves, friends and family and I am a regular player of Mineverse, as well as an ex-mod.


    Global Moderator

    Applied - July 10, 2015
    Promoted -
    November 30, 2015

    Demoted - December 19, 2015


    100 stuffs about Reborn~

    1. Real name: Ranveer. Not mentionin' last name weirdos.
    2. Nickname: reborn, sircorgi, rocky.
    3. Favorite color: azure blue, pastel colours
    4. Gender: male
    5. Nationality: My parents were born in India, but I was born here in good ol' Australia
    6. Age: 12
    7. Sexuality: straight
    8. Introvert or Extrovert: introvert
    9. Hair color: dark brown
    10. Tall or short: average for my age
    11. Sweats or jeans: both tbh
    12. Phone or camera: phone forever
    13. Health freak: i guess so
    14. Orange or apple: apple
    15. Do you have a crush on someone: ya irl
    16. Guy friends or girl friends: people who are nice to me are friends. that's all
    17. Piercings: ew no
    18. Pepsi or coke: coke is og
    19. Have you been in an airplane and how many times: once
    20. Have you been in a relationship: mhm
    21. Have you been in a car accident: mhm
    22. Have you been in a fist fight: play fist fight, yeah
    23. First piercing: ew
    24. Best Friend: ask then bff forever
    25. First award: a sticker at preschool, it was glitterful
    26. First crush: this girl.
    27. First word: "buh-ba"
    28. Any talent: dog whisperin'
    29. Last person you talked to: my dog.
    30. Last person you texted: my friend.
    31. Last person you watched a movie with: my brothers
    32. Last thing you ate: KFC. legit.
    33. Last movie/ TV show you watched: Megamind, at school.
    34. Last song you listened to: XO by The EDEN project
    35. Last thing you bought: kfc..
    36. Last person animal you hugged: my dog.

    ☾ Favourite ☽
    37. Food: tacos
    38. Drink: iced tea
    39. Fruit: mango
    40. Flower: cherry blossoms
    41. Animal: doggo
    42. Color: blue
    43. Movie: Spirited away
    44. Subject: food tech
    45. Sport: tennis
    46. Sports Team: ew
    47. Book: Percy Jackson
    48. City: Sydney ftw
    49. Country: Australia mate
    50. Song: all songs that the EDEN project have created.

    ☾ Have you ever? (Answer Yes or No) ☽
    45. Fallen in love with someone: mhm/yes
    46. Celebrated Halloween: mhm/yes
    47. Had your heart broken: a lot/yes
    48. Went over the minutes/ texts on your phone: yep/yes
    49. Had someone like you: yes, many tiem/yes
    50. Hated the way someone changed: one time/yes
    51. Got in trouble with police: nup/no
    52. Had a party: ye/yes
    53. Did something you regret: ofc/yes
    54. Broken a promise: sadly/yes
    55. Hidden a secret: ya/yes
    56. Pretend to be happy: ja/yes
    57. Met someone who has changed your life: yep/yes
    58. Pretended to be sick: srrsly? no
    59. Left the country: yep, on vacation doe/yes
    60. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it: probs/yes
    61. Cried over the silliest thing: movies be like/yes
    62. Ran a mile: yep/yes
    63. Gone to the beach with your best friend: yep/yes
    64. Gotten into an argument with your friends: yes, some resulting in losin' em
    65. Disliked someone: nah, I just dislike the things they do./no
    66. Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf or been single forever: too complicated so ye/idk

    ☾ Was Currently ☽
    67. Eating: KFC
    68. Drinking: Pepsi
    69. Listening to: End credits - EDEN
    70. Sitting or laying: Sittin
    71. Plans for today: sleep
    72. Waiting for: doggo to go in kennel
    73. Want kids: yes
    74. Want to get married: i guess
    75. Want to travel: who wouldn't?

    ☾ What do you look for in a partner? ☽
    76. Lips or eyes: eyes
    77. Shorter or taller: shorter
    78. Younger or older: younger
    79. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
    80. Trouble-maker or hesitant: neither, I want someone in le middle
    81. Hook up or relationship: relationship omg
    82. Looks or personality: personality

    ☾ Have you ever ☽
    83. Lost glasses: hell no
    84. Snuck out of the house: one time, coz I had to walk doggo but no permission
    85. Held a gun/ knife in self-defense: no
    86. Killed somebody: wtf yes. no. no..
    87. Broke someone's heart: lez say I dumped someone who loved me too much
    88. Been in love: yes
    89. Cried when someone died: mhm ;(

    ☾ Do you believe in ☽
    90. Yourself: believe in ur dreams!! (yes)
    91. Miracles: i guess
    92. Love at first sight: nah
    93. Heaven: ye
    94. Santa Claus: he died.
    95. Aliens: we aren't le only ones
    96. Ghosts/angels: spirits ye sure

    ☾ Truthfully ☽
    97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now: yes, but they at other highschool and i cri everytiem
    98. Do you know who your real friends are: yes i do
    99. Do you believe in God: of course
    100. Do you easily make friends: yeah, i'm loyal u see


    yay I'm done, hope you enjoyed knowing my life stuffs.
    doggo out.