Nov 28, 2014
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May 2
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the dead


pharah main n trash, from the dead

i'm honestly so proud the server is still alive after all this time Mar 6, 2019

    1. trinityy
    2. 8top
      1. sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi
        !! hi !!
        Jul 16, 2019 at 11:54 PM
        8top likes this.
    3. trinityy
      1. sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi
        awe ♥
        Jul 16, 2019 at 12:46 AM
        trinityy likes this.
    4. Feurin
      Going through my posted threads and I did a staff report on you like yonks ago lol
      1. Feurin
        Funny thing is that I can’t remember why though, lol.
        Apr 13, 2019
        sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi
        u reported me because i think out of spite

        like i don't know if it was u but i think u built a literal flying big peen and i was like "don't build that" and then u reported me because i gave u a warning without evidence

        being the 12 year old i was back then i was so pissed at u so i still got in trouble ahahaha
        Jul 16, 2019 at 12:46 AM
    5. 8top
      You'r back!
      1. sircorgi
        haha u thought
        Mar 25, 2019
    6. sircorgi
      i'm honestly so proud the server is still alive after all this time
    7. Ordi
      If you get 370 more positive ratings, you would be the top person on the trophy leaderboards

      You should go for it ;)
      1. Qwiboats and sircorgi like this.
      2. sircorgi
        thank u for the motivation ordi daddy
        Mar 6, 2019
        Ordi likes this.
      3. Ordi
        Glad to support the cause :)
        Mar 6, 2019
        sircorgi likes this.
    8. amli
      do u still exist
      1. Ertuiop and sircorgi like this.
      2. sircorgi
        that's a question even i could not answer myself
        Mar 6, 2019
        Ertuiop and amli like this.
    9. Chain
      Do you still play Minecraft?
      1. sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi
        i did a few days ago but it was on hypixel on my alt account because i got perm banned on my main xd xd
        Mar 6, 2019
    10. sircorgi
      wtf happened here
      1. Porky
        the usual
        Dec 27, 2018
      2. Porky
        but everything happened, I think those words will suit what happened more.
        Dec 27, 2018
    11. Porky
    12. Scorv
      like the new pharah skin?
    13. Purge
      hi corgi;)
      1. sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi
        Sep 16, 2018
    14. sircorgi
    15. sircorgi
      oh no i just realised my lovely premium rank is dead
      1. Porky
        oh dear
        Sep 3, 2018
      2. sircorgi
        doesn't even matter i hardly go on here : ')
        Sep 4, 2018
    16. Manu
      1. sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi
        Aug 29, 2018
    17. Purge
      i like doggos
      1. sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi
        Aug 12, 2018
    18. Deivid0ze
      My name's Connor. I'm the Android sent by Cyberlife
      1. sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi

        Aug 12, 2018
    19. SniffMyToes
      Nuuu where is the old pfp
      1. sircorgi likes this.
      2. sircorgi
        d e t r o i t b e c o m e h o o m a n
        Aug 2, 2018
    20. sircorgi
      getchu a girl like kara
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    May 2
    Home Page:
    the dead
    yo waddup my name sircorgs but u can call me rock the rockster. don't talk to me or i'll probably ruin your life but feel free to converse if u're fellow k-trash like me and listen to songs that you probably didn't understand the concept behind but then you turned into a freak


    Global Moderator

    Applied - July 10, 2015
    Promoted -
    November 30, 2015

    Demoted - December 19, 2015


    100 things about me~

    1. Real name: rocky is my nick name yoyo
    2. Nickname: reborn, sircorgi, corgi, rocky.
    3. Favourite Colours: pastel colours but i am fond of light blues
    4. Gender: male
    5. Nationality: My parents were born in India, but I was born here in 'straya
    6. Age: 15
    7. Sexuality: straight
    8. Introvert or Extrovert: introvert
    9. Hair color: dark brown
    10. Tall or short: average for my age
    11. Sweats or jeans: sweats are so comfy but i also have a pair of jeans that are baggy and really nice and i love them
    12. Phone or camera: imagine using only a camera lmao
    13. Health freak: an apple a day keeps the doctor away
    14. Orange or apple: oranges are j u i c y
    15. Do you have a crush on someone: i don't have one strong crush but soft uwus for many girls
    16. Guy friends or girl friends: i have more guy friends but i like both
    17. Piercings: maybe one for both or just one of my ears, that'd be radical
    18. Pepsi or coke: i honestly could care less
    19. Have you been in an airplane and how many times: once
    20. Have you been in a relationship: mhm
    21. Have you been in a car accident: mhm
    22. Have you been in a fist fight: violence is never the answer :mad:
    23. First piercing: i pierced my middle finger with a sewing machine when i was like 3 does that count
    24. Best Friend: i don't have one cos ya know me the cool kid
    25. First award: my birth certificate is technically an award cos like yay congrats for being born
    26. First crush: in kindergarten it was an asian girl named mikayla and i think that's why my type are asian girls now
    27. First word: "buh-ba" tf lmao
    28. Any talent: being able to get anybody to hate me in under 5 minutes
    29. Last person you talked to: my dog :)
    30. Last person you texted: a hyuna fan account
    31. Last person you watched a movie with: my friends cos i'm cool :))
    32. Last thing you ate: a peach wow i'm so healthy
    33. Last movie/ TV show you watched: Defiance?? some movie about the bielski otriad it's p rad
    34. Last song you listened to: uHHH No by CLC (stan CLC)
    35. Last thing you bought: ..uHhhH it's been so long that i forgot is that a good thing or a bad idk
    36. Last person/animal you hugged: of course my dog lmao

    ☾ Favourite ☽
    37. Food: tacos
    38. Drink: iced tea n boba tea n all kinds of tea
    39. Fruit: mango
    40. Flower: cherry blossoms because i'm generic but also because they smell the most to me and that's nice
    41. Animal: doggos uwu
    42. Color: pastel blue
    43. Movie: Red dog it's a movie about a dog that's red
    44. Subject: english, ist, and any subject with a nice teacher
    45. Sport: is running and weights a sport
    46. Sports Team: do i look like a sporty guy to u
    47. Book: animal farm by george orwell
    48. City: i actually love sydney (where i live) and i don't have any intention of moving
    49. Country: i may love sydney but i hate australia, i think my favourite country is korea (wow kOReAbOo)
    50. Song: oh god- k-pop

    ☾ Have you ever? (Answer Yes or No) ☽
    45. Fallen in love with someone: yes
    46. Celebrated Halloween: yes
    47. Had your heart broken: i think? yes
    48. Went over the minutes/ texts on your phone: what does that mean
    49. Had someone like you: yes, strangely enough
    50. Hated the way someone changed: one time/yes
    51. Got in trouble with police: tf no
    52. Had a party: yes i'm so cool and r a d i c a l
    53. Did something you regret: ofc/yes
    54. Broken a promise: sadly
    55. Hidden a secret: of course
    56. Pretend to be happy: sure
    57. Met someone who has changed your life: ya
    58. Pretended to be sick: yea
    59. Left the country: yep, on vacation doe/yes
    60. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it: probs/yes
    61. Cried over the silliest thing: movies be like/yes
    62. Ran a mile: yep/yes
    63. Gone to the beach with your best friend: yep/yes
    64. Gotten into an argument with your friends: yes, some resulting in losin' em
    65. Disliked someone: yes i'd be lying if i said no
    66. Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf or been single forever: ya

    ☾ Was Currently ☽
    67. Eating: a peach cos i'm so skinny and cool
    68. Drinking: before that i had water cos ugH so skinny
    69. Listening to: No by CLC
    70. Sitting or laying: Sittin
    71. Plans for today: do homework and be productive
    72. Waiting for: my dog to fuccin sleep he's so good owo
    73. Want kids: dogs are kids too so yeah
    74. Want to get married: sure
    75. Want to travel: yea

    ☾ What do you look for in a partner? ☽
    76. Lips or eyes: eyes
    77. Shorter or taller: shorter
    78. Younger or older: younger
    79. Romantic or spontaneous: romantic
    80. Trouble-maker or hesitant: hesitant
    81. Hook up or relationship: relationship i'm no fuccboi
    82. Looks or personality: i'd be lying if i said looks don't matter to me but personality

    ☾ Have you ever ☽
    83. Lost glasses: no
    84. Snuck out of the house: yes but only to get the mail to see if i got some letter
    85. Held a gun/ knife in self-defense: no and i don't intend on ever having to
    86. Killed somebody: yes :)) (no)
    87. Broke someone's heart: ya
    88. Been in love: yes
    89. Cried when someone died: doggos dying make me sad :(

    ☾ Do you believe in ☽
    90. Yourself: believe in ur dreams!!
    91. Miracles: u can make miracles happen if u put in the effort so sure
    92. Love at first sight: kind of but not rlly
    93. Heaven: i believe in some form of afterlife but not completely like Heaven
    94. Santa Claus: he died in WWII :(((
    95. Aliens: yes and i want to be friends with them so i can be cool
    96. Ghosts/angels: kind of

    ☾ Truthfully ☽
    97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now: no because my dog is right here with me
    98. Do you know who your real friends are: honestly not rlly
    99. Do you believe in God: *nervously types out yes while looking up at ceiling*
    100. Do you easily make friends: depends on the person


    finally i'm done omg

    stan hyuna for clear skin and good grades

    By leafu


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