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    Hello everyone! Here's a new forum game, that I've come up with! :)

    The game will be called 1-20. The main goal of this game is to post a reply stating, "I picked a number 1-20, who will guess it first," whoever guesses it first wins. However, if someone does guess it right, you quote their reply stating, "You're right!" But if they got it wrong, just quote them, and reply, "Wrong."

    To make it fair and simple, the amount of guesses you can take for 1 reply, saying 1-20, is 2 guesses. You cannot guess again until someone guesses it right, or if you got it right. You can only post another 1-20 reply if someone guessed the other 1-20 reply correct.

    You can go up from 1-20, it can be 1-30 or 1-40, nothing more. However, if you want to guess something between 1-30 or 1-40 you can only take one lucky guess, but besides that the same rules are applied from just, 1-20.

    So, if I didn't make myself clear I'm sorry, you can ask me if your uncertain of something.

    Let's begin:

    I'm thinking of a number between 1-20, who will guess it first?

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