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  1. #FreeAcePvP

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    Minecraft accounts: AcePvP
    Before I start my application I just want to give a quick introduction to me, Hey my name is James, most know me as ace and I like Nutella on toast and I drink tons of coffee.

    Your in-game name:


    What timezone are you in?

    My Timezone is UK (GMT+1).

    What country do you live in?

    The country that I live in is England, Uk.

    What languages do you speak?

    English and I know little amounts of Spanish.

    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence?

    Yes, I have Fraps recording software which I use to make all of my hacker video reports and for my screenshotting software, I either use a snipping tool or Gyazo depending on what I want.

    Why do you think you should become a mod?

    There are many qualities that help me justify why I should become a mod, and before people argue that I'm not like this in-game such as not being mature, everyone makes jokes and gets salty when they die.


    The reason that I believe that I am un-bias is because before I do something or judge someone I always like to know both sides to a story because some people exaggerate or manipulate a story to make it seem that they are in the right, hence why I always question certain actions people take and I can see when both people are in the wrong and as bad as each other. Being un-bias means a lot to me as well as the fact that I make sure not just to take my friend's side and I always question the things they say even if they're wrong because that just makes you a good friend.


    I find myself to be helpful to people both in-game and on the forums as recently on the forums I helped explain to someone what post farming was and explained to them what they were doing was wrong and just to make sure not to do it in the future. As well as this I find my self helpful in-game as any new players in-game or old players need help I tell them the basics, an example of this would be where are the voting crates or what are the kits or how to find dragon eggs.


    One of my main factors of wanting to become staff is because I am very committed to banning and reporting hackers on the server even if I spend 30m uploading a video to find out that they just got banned, not only and I committed to stopping hackers I am also committed to helping the EU player base as we lack a staff presence as most staff that play the server are USA timezones. The final thing that I am committed to being bettering myself as a person as no one is perfect and we all make mistakes and I like to believe in the better in people.

    Mature: (when I need to be)

    No one can really say that they are mature 100% of the time in chat, such as if you die or just cracking cringey jokes in chat I do all of this, but when I need to be mature and handle a situation I will; an example of this would be where I was joking around in chat and then all of a sudden bots came online spamming personal information or sending death threats or anything else like this I would instantly take a screenshot and report this to the forums and I have
    no intentions of stopping.


    I like to find my self an honest person as I have been in this application, I hate it when people lie to me it is probably one of my weakness because it annoys me so much, because of this I always like to be as honest as I can be with people and I always would like to say that I am a genuine person that doesn't lie.

    Trustful: (Too trustful I just got scammed 2k on OPPvP)

    Being trustful means a lot to me as I always view myself as trustworthy as I share many accounts with people even some of my own high ranked accounts (Of course not my main one Nounbanned) I like to believe I can trust people and this goes both ways as just today I trusted someone not to scam me and they did. To me I want this to go both ways is I like to find myself trusting people and I like myself to be trusted as well. - After the fact writing, this just wants to clear up that if I get staff all my account passwords will be changed and just a side note just to make sure 100% no one has access to NounBanned.

    Active: (Too active for my own good xD)

    I would like to say that I am an active player I play almost every day on OPPvP and sometimes on KitPvP, recently I have been extremely active and I am still very excited because of the reset of OPPvP and I have no plans of becoming inactive at any time.

    How long can you be active on the server everyday?

    To start this question I just want to first state my college hours, On Tuesdays, I'm at college from 9 am to 1 pm - Wednesdays I am at college from 9 am to 5 pm

    Weekdays I will be active from anywhere between 2-6 hours a day depending on my daily plans and what coursework I have to do. Weekends I can play anywhere between 4-8 hours depending on again if I have plans in real life.

    The game mode that I play mainly is OPPvP so if you don't see me online on other servers its because this is the game mode I mainly play.

    How long have you been playing Mineverse?

    I began playing Mineverse in late 2014 on OPPvP on my original name Ace123jimbob but this was rare and I didn't really start playing until 2016 when I first started recording and uploading cringey kitpvp videos.

    I have just recently returned from a break that I took from 2017 up until about 2 months ago when I started playing OPPvP again and Minecraft in general.

    Have you ever been banned in the past?

    I have never been banned on the forums.

    Unfortunately I have been banned in-game probably around 4 times, Once I was banned for hacking when I was playing legit and I got unbanned about 3 hours later, The second time I was banned for for letting a banned player play on one of my accounts which he had access to months before he was banned and I appealed this and it was no longer perm banned and was banned for a month because I was letting a banned player play on it but I was allowed to continue playing on my main account by Cypriot, just as a punishment my other account was banned. The next time I was banned was for hacking on my alt to kill a hacker on kitpvp, now I understand that hacking on alts does not help the situation but I was doing it for a good cause but this was over 3 years ago and I have matured since then. The final time I was banned was about a week ago for "hacking" and then 6 hours later I was unbanned because I was not hacking and the evidence was fake.

    Do you have any past experience as a moderator?

    Yes, I do, I was a mod on a small server call blue craft for over 3 months an I believe I made it up to head-mod before I resigned, here is some evidence of this

    I know all the basic commands to temp ban clear chat etc, but any other commands that I will need to learn will come easy to me because I am such a fast learner.

    Do you meet all Mineverse's requirements for staff listed below?

    Yes, I have all the required steps to be able to apply for staff.

    Do you have 50 Post Count?

    Yes, I have over 100 posts on the forums.

    Do you have Two Factor Authentication set up?

    Yes, I have just set it up just before writing this.

    Have you had 2 Weeks registered on the Mineverse forums?

    Yes, I have had this forum account for over 3 weeks just because I lost the email to my one that I made in 2016 which for those that will probably ask was called ace123jimbob.

    Do you have Skype and Discord for offline communication?

    I have discord as it is the main communication I have for all the people I play and talk with, my discord is Jamess#6410

    For skype I have an account but rarely use it because I much better prefer discord.

    Prank I ain't going 4 mod but don't take my app down or I will cry and report the staff that does
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  2. Boobalyboo

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    no support. You know why tho
  3. SniffMyToes

    SniffMyToes Experienced Member

    For those that didn’t read all the way down
  4. RentPvP

    RentPvP Active Member

    Is this a joke?
  5. its_tuber

    its_tuber Active Member

    Yeah, no way would I ever support after what you did...

    No support.
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  6. Max

    Max The Muffin Man Senior Moderator Premium

    Minecraft accounts: MaxNinja10
    Senior Moderator
    is it odd that I want to do it even more now
  7. Gang

    Gang Active Member

    The fact that you put effort into a fake mod app...
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  8. Ordi

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    Minecraft accounts: Ordinateur7
    copy pasted from his old application

    200 IQ observation
  9. Proton

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    I find it funny that the MV staff are removing my post trying to cover up what happened lmao
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  10. Lamborghini

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    what happened with ace being mod?
  11. julito

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    this man a clown lol
  12. Darragh

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    Minecraft accounts: mercyy
    Demoted. :bitenails:
  13. Lamborghini

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    doesnt answer but ok
  14. i_am_youtuber

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    Minecraft accounts: i_am_youtuber
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