Bye guys.

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    ._. the amount of replies I am getting LOL

    Haven't got to talk to you, as the only times I have were on discord, but can't say much cause I barely know you. We should talk more :)

    excuse me[/QUOTE]
    idk you man, we should talk though. hmu on my profile
    You're chill af and I enjoy your youtube videos like honestly xD

    You deserve to keep that egirl title
    it's quite a common thing on the other forums I'm from,, but not as common as here.

    idk you so I can't say anything really
    You damn GOAT ily lOl. Anyway real talk, you're a great guy (or goat or apache helicopter idk) to talk to I do miss you hopping onto skyblock though :(
    Ahhh yesss the queen from the east coast. You're dope af, though we don't get to talk as much. Still sad that NYC > LA :(
    u should come talk more :D
    No. <33

    Lets see uhh you're funny, sweet, and very talkative. Apart from you repeating a male genetalia 500 times in your vc which made me wanna puke, I like a friend unless I come to New Zealand then that's different :D
    idk you so can't say, hmu one day man I'd be down to have a convo with you ;)
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