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    Cwes’ Moderator Application

    Hi. Welcome to my Moderator Application! My name is Zekrom and I'm 17 years old, and my gender is male.

    A bit about me:

    I love to play football, I’m from the UK, I love meeting new people and being able to socialise & helping everyone out.

    Your in-game name: Jotarocwes, to see my previous names click here.

    What time-zone are you in? GMT +1

    What country do you live in? I live in the UK.

    What languages do you speak? (English only)

    I speak English fluently.

    Do you have the necessary means of capturing evidence? (i.e recording software, screenshots, etc)

    Yes, I do. I use Gyazo for screenshots, and then I also use game-bar to record and I have my own YouTube channel to where I upload my reports of players hacking.

    Why do you think you should become a mod? (Traits included)

    I think I should be a mod because personally, I feel that I have the ability to pull myself forward to becoming a good mod, as I in these past couple of months after being back from a long break have shown a lot of dedication, trustworthiness, and also respect towards other people and the community. I also believe that if I became a mod on Mineverse, I would show a lot of players that I'm fit alright for this job and for them to actually think that you know, I can trust this person to be a successful, loyal and amazing mod for the server. Here are some traits I go by:


    I am mature enough for this position. I can handle things easily, and not with stress. I can take a lot of jokes, and if people do silly jokes about me and other things like that, I'll just laugh it off. At the end of the day, it's only a prank or a joke so I wouldn't really mind good ones, but not hurtful ones. If players keeps bothering me and get really frustrating to handle, I always know that there is a command which is /ignore (player). But, I rarely use this command since I have a high level of maturity and I feel that in tough situations, I can help people out with it and tell them to not fight, or if they're both having trouble of something they can both ignore each other. All I want to do is for people to constantly not argue, and actually show some respect to each other. Obviously I can't handle everyone, but I would say that I sometimes try and keep conversations out of the public zone so that everyone enjoys spending their time on a mini-game they love to play.


    I am very kind and thoughtful. I see myself as a nice person since I always give everyone a warm welcoming, whether it be newcomers who join Mineverse or if it be normal players who have played Mineverse before. I always try and act the best I can as a courteous person so that everyone knows that I'm not some toxic guy who's come to ruin the party, I've come to actually help players and become one of the greatest moderator you have ever seen on a server before. I'm not going to talk about this anymore since this is already something you would expect to see from a moderator.


    I have loads of people and friends who trust me. I believe that honesty is one of these key traits that the Staff members need to see from an applicant who is applying for mod. I can proudly say that I don't lie as much as I used to and I changed to be a good person since I knew what the consequences would be if I didn't change and actually took control of myself. I feel that I would become a role-model if I get mod with this trait, and it's really special to me this one.


    Over the past couple of months (around February I started to play again) I have gotten a lot more active after since I came back. The last time I played was in 2017, my PC had broken down. It burnt out. But, I'm back for good and I'd say it's been a good 4-5 months almost now since I've reunited with the whole Mineverse community. My activity has grown so much more than any applicant out there at the moment to be honest and I'm daily online and searching for hackers. I report quite a lot too.


    I am a responsible person, you can definitely trust me to be a mod. If I were to make an accidental mistake as a mod, I would make sure that next time I'd be more responsible about it. If I did it again, I will face the consequences of my actions.


    My Grammar is excellent. I would sometimes be tested and did some tests, I used to get amazing grades for them. I feel that Grammar would apply to becoming a mod since you need to make sure everyone understands what you're saying and you're not talking in a confusing way that I think most people have seen from most mods, but in the past. Still though, a lot of people have trouble in using Grammar to this day, and I respect that but still it's needed when becoming a mod.

    Fast Typer:

    I am a very fast typer, this gives me a good advantage that when banning, or muting or warning players I can at least do it in 10 seconds or lower. I think this would be crucial to have when becoming a mod because you want to succeed quicker and I think banning players all the time but in speed would give you a higher chance then of actually proving yourself and to other people that you're absolutely doing the best you can for the job.

    Ready to Go:

    I am always ready, equipped with my recording software, and got my YouTube channel set up, ready for clips to be uploaded of players hacking and screenshots of players showing who are using death threats in their comments, or harmful messages to people in public chat in any game-mode, I can literally report all players instantly and almost all my reports are getting valid. I do 8-10 reports a day and this is great because I see many other applicants who are applying for mods at least doing 2-4 reports a day.


    I am un-biased. Meaning that I would even report my friends for if they were hacking. Now I realise that my friends might be all nice to me but even if someone bought me something, or my best friend got me a rank-upgrade, still if they did hurtful comments to any of us people, or if they used hacks in a specific game-mode (such as PvP games) they should be banned. I would report them immediately. People should learn that this is not back stabbing each other by reporting our own friends.


    After I came back, I made sure that I was active everyday on forums, in-game too and that I do reports daily. It's like my routine now since I love this server so much and I'm trying my best to give it all of what I can give it. I have made so many new friends when joining this again, and I feel absolutely amazed at all the dedication I've put into the community as I've been helping a lot of people, doing suggestions and a couple of other things on the forums too. The forums is to be honest something I care about a lot since it's a good place to get to know people, give farewells or newcomers a welcome to who have joined the Mineverse community, it's crazy I can't explain it but I really enjoy this server so much.


    This isn't really a trait but oh well. Hackers are on a lot on Skywars, however I do though try and do more reports globally as well. Not just Skywars. I know loads of hacks and what they specifically look like and if I could describe to any of you about any of the hacks I know, I would be glad to. I would never use hacks, so I don't suggest any of you who are reading this application to either. But anyways hackers are all over the place. I try to get as many reports as I can do everyday, which makes me proud since I'm helping out the Staff members even more with their job.


    Some commands I know:

    /tempban (player) (reason)
    /ban (player) (reason)
    /kick (player) (reason)
    /mute (player) (reason)
    /unban (player)

    Why would it be a good time for you to apply for mod now?

    To be honest I'm updating this moderator application but, in these past couple of weeks, Staff members are resigning and this gives me a good chance to get mod since the server is in need of some new team members, and I feel that one of those new Staff members could be me. Honestly, I do understand though if I don't get mod the reasons for it. I hope to get this role, but this is only an attempt.

    How long can you be active for on the server everyday?

    Mondays: 3-4 hours
    Tuesdays: 3-4 hours
    Wednesdays: 3-4 hours
    Thursdays: 3-4 hours

    Fridays: 2-3 hours
    Saturdays: 3-5 hours
    Sundays: 1-3 hours

    For holidays: 8 hours a day max.

    How long have you been playing Mineverse for?

    I've been playing on Mineverse for around about 4 years now.

    What punishments have you received in the last 9 months? (Forums & In-game)

    March 1 Death Wishes (OP)
    May 11 Trolling (Infection)

    I honestly from the bottom of my heart regret doing both of these things. I really think though that I have acted much more mature than back then, and I will not do any of these things again as I know it can affect me even more and I'll lose trust from many friends that I have made on this server if I ever do these two things again because trust is a huge thing in friendships & with a lot of people who I know.

    Do you have any past experience as being a moderator?

    Yes. The server I played on wasn't massive, or huge or anything like that. It was bad, it was a player-base server but didn’t have a great view-count of players who joined the server. I had a bit of experience from there but gradually over time forgot about what I had learnt as being a mod over there. But, I have now been learning a lot about commands, and I know a lot of them. I'm quite a fast learner and I can tell what hacks looks like and what they do. I feel that this is what you'd expect from a mod.

    Do you meet all Mineverse's requirements for staff listed below? Yes/No

    Do you have 50 Post Count? Yes, more than 1000 posts at the moment.
    Do you have Two Factor Authentication set up? Yes.
    Have you had 2 Weeks registered on the Mineverse forums? Been on the Mineverse forums for quite a few months now.
    Do you have Skype and Discord for offline communication? Yes, if any moderators wish to know what my Skype's name is, feel free to PM me on Discord.
    What is your Discord tag? Jotarocwes#6383

    Thank you all for viewing this Moderator application. Obviously, I hope you all enjoyed ;) Feel free to ask me any questions about this application and I'll be happy to answer them all. By the way, this has been updated now since I wanted to change some things around a bit. Thank you all, once again. Especially to all those who have supported me.

    More info:

    If you would like to check out my YT channel of where I post daily uploads of hackers on this server, here it is:

    My First Application

    My Reports

    Kind Regards,


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    Still support ;)
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    Thanks Tom!
    Thanks man!
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    Very well Written app support :D
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    Support bro, very polite and willing to help the server. You're not even toxic either, really rare on here. Best of luck :)
  7. Jotarocwes

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    Thank you guys so much! :D <3 Really means a lot to me.
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    100% Support, you are very kind to everyone, very active on forums and in-game and as Rent said, you are not toxic, which is very rare on mv.
  9. Jotarocwes

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    Thanks Gini!
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    Neutral - I haven't seen you ingame before.
  11. Storm.

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    you seem very helpful and imformative. although I dont see you in-game, it could easily be because of time zones, or just the servers we play on.
  12. Acceptation

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    I see you all the time and every time we meet in-game you are always asking how I am doing. You're incredibly friendly and you have been reporting quite a lot. Keep going strong c:
  13. Jotarocwes

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    Hopefully we can see each other in-game and I hope to gain your support in the future.

    Thank you both so much!
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    I Defo support, pol1sh would be a great mod :D
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    Thank you so much Gxba!
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    Support! Literally never have seen him online without him asking me how my days been going and he always lifts up my mood.
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    Thanks iToggling!
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    Support bro, you actually care about people and want to know how their day goes :D
    It makes playing on mineverse so much more positive and makes me forget about toxic players!
  19. sabrina

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    V active both on forms and in game, love the detail in your application :)

    Just one critique:

    Can you make it a bit more clear as to whether you were a mod on this server previously, or a different one?

    Good luck! :D
  20. Jotarocwes

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    Sorry, will edit it right now! Also thank you for your support Sabrina!

    Thanks MK4!
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