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  1. Dualband

    Dualband Active Member

    Minecraft accounts: Dualband
    Hey! I've been a player since around mid 2013, I've played pretty consistently since that long 5 years ago. However, there may be several names by which you know me by. My very first name was "Mastertuckerks" from there I believe the next name I was well known by was "CrackHeadd". I currently own several accounts and am known on many of them. Most notable being Dualband. Whether you know me from way back in the very beginning or are just recently met me I am typically a pretty friendly person, sometimes sarcastic at times. I've wanted to try and become a moderator for a long time, I believe I even made a mod app a couple years ago. I had that app closed as I realized I was not fit for the job as I was still pretty immature. Since then I've matured and becoming what most would say is an all around kind and gentle person. Now that you know a little bit about me, lets get on with the app. :)

    I am currently 17 as of writing this application

    In-Game name:
    This is the most recent name I'm known by, and most players should recognize this name, very unlikely to change this account name, so I should be able to be recognized for a long time.

    I live in the CST (Central Standard Time)

    Capturing Devices:
    I use OBS Studio and can upload in between 5 to 10 minutes

    I am fluent in English, and am currently in my 3rd year of Spanish. I would not say I am fluent in Spanish but I have a basic understanding of the language.

    Why should I be a moderator?
    To start I severely dislike lying. Ever since I was little I've been taught that lying is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. Also, if I make a mistake I am not afraid to own up to that mistake and admit that I messed up. I always believe that someone who is honest and trustworthy should be able to help others in any way possible, whether that be doing something little like answering a question for them, or something larger like talking them through a rough patch in their life.

    Being respectful can be taken in several ways, whether it be talking to someone with a gentle and kind intent, or just not using a hateful / vulgar vocabulary, someone who is respectful should be able to assess the situation and know how to respond. I strive to be seen as a respectful person as it's a quality I've found rather important in life and overall is one of the best qualities to have.

    When I first applied for mod I was but a wee young child being 13 years old. Since that I've had a lot of experiences that have made me grow overall as a person. Considering I am 17 now I think I've become much more respectable overall and matured a rather substantial amount. Many people older than me assume I am older than I am due to how I act in public and how I treat people.

    I would be able to help most of the players as I have been around through many changes to the server and understand the rules for the most part. I would do my absolute best to answer any questions someone has for / about the server.

    Typically when I sent a goal for myself I do not stop until I achieve that goal. When I do achieve that goal you could call it a natural high as it makes someone feel accomplished and like they've done something that truly matters.

    I love being able to make someones day, for some people being able to get on a game and talk to someone who is going to be kind is the only positive interaction for that day. For that very reason I like to be nice to people as you don't know their background and it's just a generally good feeling being able to make someone smile or laugh.

    Forgiving / Fast Learner:
    Most times I am able to pick up on something quickly and understand it thoroughly. I am also a person who understands that people make mistakes and that can sometimes lead to doing dumb things, which I think everyone is at fault for including myself.


    I am able to keep an open mind and look at problem in multiple ways before making a decision on that problem, I will make an attempted to at least bounce my ideas off another person to see what they think about it, giving a more well rounded answer than you would typically receive.

    I am from the United States and all times listed will be (CST), there are typically few mods on at the times I am on as I have met few people from my state let alone my timezone on the sever.
    Forums / In-game:
    I check forums periodically about every 15 - 30 minutes whenver I get home, unless I am engaged in a conversation which I would then check it ever 2 - 5 minutes.
    Sunday: Roughly all day, but depends of if I am spending time with family.
    Monday: Most days (6:00 - 10:00 pm )
    Tuesday: 4 hours (6:00 - 10:00 pm)
    Wednesday: 6 hours (4:00 - 10:00 pm)
    Thursday: 4 hours (4:00 - 10:00)
    Friday: Depends (4:00 - whenever I get tired)
    Saturday: If I am working (6:00 - whenever) If I am not working all day

    *Hours may change depends on how much school work I have, due to me being enrolled in several honors classes and some days I have a considerable amount of homework.

    I have had some experience with some friends servers, but I do understand the commands and responsibilities that come with being a moderator. I also understand that it can be stressful and I am very well I dealing with stress so I am not too worried about this aspect.

    Past Bans:
    This list is actually quite extensive, from when I was younger I using hack clients as I was not very good at PvP. Once I realized how scummy that was I turned legit, and much of my past bans have been false bans. I have been banned off forums due to having multiple accounts which at the time I was unaware was not allowed.

    I currently meet all the requirements for moderator, I do have skype, discord, and Snapchat which I am on every single day.

    Outro :)
    Thank you for checking out my Moderator Application! I truly believe I could be a beneficial factor to the staff team. I do know that I've been a toxic player in the past but I've changed and am not the same person anymore, I hope that if I treated you badly you can forgive me and we can start again on a new page. Support or No Support I respect your decision, just leave me feedback so I know what I nee to improve on! Thank for spending your time reading my application!


    • Support Support x 18
    • Neutral Neutral x 7
    • No Support No Support x 4
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  2. extender

    extender Active Member

    Minecraft accounts: Everam Six00
    Support cool guy helpful and knows hacks - blatant and ghost
  3. Emilly

    Emilly Active Member

    Support, we need a mod who knows the difference between someone who’s legit & someone who’s closet cheating.
  4. Purge

    Purge Well-Known Member

    No support, at times you can be rude and immature but this can be improved.
  5. xTechno

    xTechno Member

    No, support I agree with @Poodle , and your not the most active. Also you never do reports.
  6. Koreancurry

    Koreancurry Member

    Neutral I am leaning towards no support because of that thread you did on crosses
  7. Dualband

    Dualband Active Member

    Minecraft accounts: Dualband
    Thank you both!
    I see where both of you are coming from, I may not be the most active in posts, however I do join the servers and am on forums everyday. On reports often I do not get the chance as I see very few actual cheaters. However, being as involved as I am in the PvP community of this server I know who is ban evading and who the closet cheaters are.
  8. Dualband

    Dualband Active Member

    Minecraft accounts: Dualband
    The thread had been removed and him and I since resolved the problem, I was heated at the time but the situation has improved.
    I am active, 0n at least one of my accounts. I've been on everyday for the last couple months :)
  9. Simons4u

    Simons4u Moderator Moderator

    Minecraft accounts: simons4u
    No support,
    You said you were 17 and then 16 so you might want to fix that.

    You can be very immature at times as well as that on your application you show you can be on up to 6 hours a day but I don't see you on that often. As for reports you have done a lot but the last one you did was back in March of 2018 new and active reports would show you are really determined to become a moderator. You have some grammatical errors so look over your moderator application to find where the spelling errors are and make sure to capitalize proper nouns.

    Fix some of these things and I would be happy to change my rating!​
  10. Jibonbdcraft

    Jibonbdcraft Active Member

    support my g
  11. oneSquad

    oneSquad ã totâl bæ Moderator

    No support.
  12. Porky

    Porky YouTuber Moderator

    First of all.
    • Inactive on forums
    • Immature
    • Lacks activity ingame
    Something that was pointed out by Simon is really confusing me. You don't just type your age wrong.
    So you're 17?
    Now you're 16. And you posted this in your application earlier.
    Unless this was somehow a mistake, please fix it. It's very confusing.
    And if you did possibly lie about your age, could you own up to it?

    Now some positives
    + Well-known
    + Would be one of the only moderators that would know the difference between legitimate players and closet cheaters.

    Fix the problem with the age to gain Neutral. For now I'm gonna be no support leaning towards neutral. Good luck Dualband!

    It's not a requirement.
    Maybe you could say why?
  13. Wolfie

    Wolfie Boss Member

    Minecraft accounts: Woolf
    No Support. Try to increase your activity on the forums and make some more reports. Reports aren’t required, but they do show your dedication to become a moderator.
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  14. SniffMyToes

    SniffMyToes Experienced Member

    No support.
  15. i_am_youtuber

    i_am_youtuber Senior Moderator Senior Moderator

    Minecraft accounts: i_am_youtuber
    Senior Moderator
    no, reasons stated

    I also find it odd you've got these people from your friend group on OP that rarely use their forums accounts commenting support on your application less than 10 mins after it was made, almost as if you asked them to...
  16. Dualband

    Dualband Active Member

    Minecraft accounts: Dualband
    I am 17, this mod app was composed when I was 16, I had just missed it when going back through, thank you for bringing it to my attention!
    For activity do you mean posting on other peoples posts? Or just being online?
    Do you mind asking why? Or are reasons already stated?
    I had told them I made a mod app, but I did not tell them to support or no support. What they put is their opinion
  17. abbie

    abbie tea sipper Moderator

    Minecraft accounts: spicyabbie
    No support
    I’ll start with some good things then I’ll talk about my rating.
    (+) nice application
    (+) you can tell who’s cheating
    Now on to why I’m no supporting
    (-) I know you talked about it with crosses and you said you were heated at the time but you can’t let stuff like that get to you as a mod. Think before you speak.
    Good luck!​
  18. Baby

    Baby Well-Known Member

    Minecraft accounts: OnceIWasABaby
    no support

    Reasons stated above
  19. Porky

    Porky YouTuber Moderator

    Alright, changing to neutral and leaning towards support as you're polite. A recommendation to gain my support, report to show dedication and report different offenses.

    My last question is why are you 20 on your profile? I recommend fixing that.
  20. YoShadow

    YoShadow Active Member

    Support, we could use an actual member of the community who can understand where everyone comes from. Reparable player, can sense legit from non legit and you've been here for quite sometime so no doubt you have an excellent understanding of what is expected.

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