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    Rough Outline
    Merge factions with op factions (factions with non rare/expensive gapples)
    Sponge changes so water doesn’t flow right back in.
    Disable bounty hunter give players heads. Heads should be earned by killing someone yourself or buying it.
    Brock that is unbreakable but very expensive or 100-250 tnt hits to break but not as expensive
    Disable ore gen in the overworld
    Disable natural lava in the overworld to make mining and base building easier.
    20k x 20k nether and end map size. (10k from spawn each direction)
    Add most of the mob spawners to a shop (vanilla, slime, villager, witch etc)
    Disable vote parties
    20-30 player factions
    50 power per player
    Basic potion related custom enchants (eg perm spd 2 str2 water breathing etc)
    Silk touch spawners
    Disable natural generating spawners.
    mob drop/farming economy instead of mining
    KOTH/ weekly koth event
    Outpost (This gives the current faction that has the outpost better sell prices)
    Wither raiding, making a cannon server is pointless without a good cannon.jar file.
    Obsidian, cobblestone and sand gen buckets
    Chunk Busters (This is a block you place that mines every block in that chunk other than bedrock
    5x5 trench pickaxes (breaks a 5x5x5 cube centred on the block you mined)
    11x11 trench pickaxes (breaks an 11x11x11 cube)
    Sell wands- Sells every item in the chest that can be sold at /shop
    Craft wands- Used on a chest to turn items into blocks eg iron ingot->iron block
    Stackable potions (Only drinkable capped at stacks of 4-8)
    Disabled Nether Portal creation
    Place water in the nether
    /ftop that shows a factions value in terms of items, blocks and spawners.

    Basic Faction Information and commands

    This first section is going to be about the basic faction information and f commands that you should be able to do.
    Each faction should have a player limit of 30 players and every player should have 50 power each (or the other way around) and there would be a starting limit of having 1 ally and 1 truce. These will be able to be upgradeable and shown in more detail below. Next there should be at least a 20-chunk buffer limit (this is extra claims that start from the last wall of your main base also known as a glitch layer) this makes it so that raiding is not too easy but also not too fast.
    There should be 5 positions in a faction Leader, Co-Leader, Officer, Member and Recruit. This makes organising a faction much easier. I’ve added this because it was highly requested by people in game before the resets, as most people want to be an officer but factions didn’t want so many people with that much authority in a faction.

    Faction Upgrades

    These will allow you to upgrade things that affect your faction and members. These will be upgradeable using upgrade tokens that can be found in an enovy or a koth and a hefty sum of in game cash.

    Faction Power. This upgrade will permanently increase the maximum power of the faction by giving a power boost to the leader of the faction, this will last until the faction is disbanded or the leader leaves the faction.
    Hopper Speed. This upgrade will increase the transfer speed of hoppers so enormous collection systems don’t get overrun.
    Player limit. This upgrade will allow your faction to increase the maximum number of players in the faction above 30, this will increase by 1 for every upgrade. This should either cap at 5 or 10 extra members.
    Truce Increase. This upgrade will allow you to increase the number of truces that your faction can have. This upgrade will be limited to being bought twice resulting in 3 truces max.

    F Top

    This will add a new competition to the server, everyone who played factions and op factions wanted this to be added. Another scoreboard to be on top off.

    Faction value would mainly consist of placed spawners, hoppers and blocks. The value that comes on ftop would be the same value as you can buy them in the /shop. Also, the enderdragon egg would be worth quite a lot of money on ftop.

    Rule Changes
    This will just be a quick rundown of rules that should be added or edited.

    Death Threats. Stay the same as normal but only implied to be irl “I’m going to kill you” can be used to talk about in game with pvp or irl. This rule change means that a death threat must be talking directly about killing someone irl, for example “I’m going to stab you” would be a irl threat.

    Disrespect. This should be fully removed from the rules for factions, this is because it is highly based on personal opionon on what disrespect is.

    TP Trapping/Killing should be allowed

    In game scamming should be allowed

    IRL scamming or buycraft/buycraft voucher scamming should not be allowed.

    The Economy/shop/farming

    There should be the GUI like you see on op factions as well as a /warp shop, so you can use either to buy the things you want. The economy of factions should be based on kills from mob spawners and farming instead of mining, this is factions, not HCF. Due to this, some mob drops should be changed, for example, villagers drop iron when they die. Secondly, due to this natural ore generation in the overworld should be disabled as mining valuables will be extremely overpowered as the start of the world.

    In the GUI the shop would be split up something like this.
    Building Blocks
    This would contain almost every block that there is in vanilla Minecraft in 1.8.9. Items in here would be set to 64 like in the shop.

    Raiding/Base Building
    This section would contain commons blocks and items used in base building and raiding. In this section, you can only buy items, not sell.
    This would contain all of the crops that are in the game as well as the seeds
    This would contain the drops from mobs, both normal vanilla mob drops and the changed made to spawners.
    This would contain minerals such as diamonds found in the world
    This would contain unenchanted armour and tools
    This would contain potion ingredients and all potions
    This would contain blocks such as glass and wool and dyes
    This would contain mob spawners
    This would contain items such as beacons, books and chests
    This would contain some items that are cheaper than shop for donators

    Donator perks and kits
    This section will be outlining the permissions and kits that donators will recive via buycraft. All donator kits should have a 32hr or 48hr cooldown.

    Other perks and kits /GKITS
    These kits would be accessed using /gkit and have a 48hr or 72hr cooldown.

    Raider Gkit (Winnable in the koth)

    Contain items needed to make a basic tnt cannon, 4 creeper eggs and 1 wither skull

    Enchant Gkit (winnable in the koth)

    Contain a stack of books, enchant table, 9 stacks of exp bottles

    Voter Gkit (winnable in the rare crate)

    Contains 10 voter keys

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    Re add the bloodmoon event that was on op factions. It was a fun addition that was removed for an unknown reason. All this does is give a slight chance for a bloodmoon where mobs would be stronger, and creepers are supercharged. Also, it spawns a boss (Giant Zombies).

    Add bosses like there was on the new op factions, however instead of doing giants maybe do iron golems and endermen bosses. These would drop money vouchers, exp bottles and something else. However instead of having them spawn every few hours so there’s hundreds of them lagging out spawn :/, make them spawn ever few hours while there is no current living boss.

    Crate Key System
    The crate keys on the server should be just like they were before on op factions but maybe add a small amount of mcmmo tokens that is winnable in the crate like 5 tokens 10 tokens and 15 tokens. Also add a sword that is 1 sharpness higher than you can get from kits. NOTE: tokens can not be used for pvp mcmmo

    Envoys and KOTH’s
    There could be envoys and koths that occur maybe once or twice every 24hr. In these you could win things such as money, armour, crate keys, faction upgrade tokens and more!

    Custom Enchants
    There should be a few basic enchants on the server. These would mainly be for potion enchants. These are just some examples and possible names?

    Brawler I- Perm spd 1 and 2 (needed on every piece of armour to work Str 1 when on 2-3 pieces, str 2 when on all 4)

    SpeedI-II – Perm spd 1 and 2 (boots only)

    Dolphin – Perm water breathing (helm only)

    Owl- Perm Night Vision (helm only)

    OverloadI-III- Perm health boost (2 hearts for every level) (armour)

    Head HunterI-X- Drops a receive a % of your opponents balance upon death. HH1 =1% ect (sword)

    HasteI-III- Gives haste while holding that tool (All tools except hoes)

    Scoot I- Chance to give speed 3 for 5seconds when you reach 3 hearts (Armour)

    Regen I- Perm regen 1 (Armour)

    MossyI-V- Has a small chance to heal an item while it’s daytime in the overworld, higher the enchant the more durability it heals (Tools and sword only)

    Molten I- Perm fire res (armour)

    New Items
    Mob Hoppers- Instantly collects mob drops in that chunk.
    Crop Hoppers Instantly collects crop drops in that chunk
    Sell Wand- Sells all sellable items in that chest
    Sell Wand 1.5x- Sells all sellable items in that chest for 1.5x the shop price. (This would be a rare item, maybe added to koths or crates)
    Craft wand- This would turn items into blocks, eg Gold Ingot into Gold Block, also 5 gunpower to make 1 tnt.
    Harvester Hoe- This would automatically pick up crops that you have mined if the crop isn’t in a chunk with a crop hopper. Also has another function to automatically sell crops that have been mined.

    Adding new scoreboards to the server. This will add another aspect that people can compete on. On the previous maps, the only scoreboard you could compete for was MCMMO. Adding new scoreboards was highly requested by people in game when the server was popular.
    These would include;
    /kdrtop (kill/death ratio)
    /blockstop (number of blocks killed)
    /mobstop (number of mobs killed)

    TO ADD:
    toggle side bar (faction name ect)
    Custom faction colours
    /fcf rule changes
    gen buckets?
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    Reserved #2
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    Reserved #3
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    Reserved #4
  6. lokadd

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    Support! These are very nice additions and will help bring back this game-mode!
  7. Moni

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    Minecraft accounts: MoniVI
    Nice suggestions, support!
  8. WiiTarded

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    can we go deeper?!

    but yea very good suggestions
  9. lost

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  10. Benko

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    only just seen this, fully support it all. If Trench pickaxes get added they should be easy to obtain, and not via bc imo though.
  11. DietSomething

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    I like these suggestions! Support from me! :)
  12. markykos

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    Looks pretty good but by combining op factions do you mean adding all the op items like gapples and stuff from there? Also I think 50 power per player is a bit too much.
  13. Mega_

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    Just gapples, they're easy enough to get later in the map, and most people don't stay long enough to get a single gapple, making them cheaper or adding to kits will help keep players since pvp will last longer than 10 seconds.
    Also, adding a higher unbreaking armour set to crates, last op factions map I had 4k axes and it broke the best armour that was p10u10 in about 7 hits. So this would balance it out, but only if mcmmo is left uncapped.
  14. markykos

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    Personally, I don't like the idea of merging with OP Factions because I hate gapple pvp, its kind of fun comboing and stuff for a long time, but I dont like those fights at least on this server because titans can /heal you and get rid of ur gapple and just fix their armor in combat.
  15. Benko

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    You like to quicky ppl with aura thats why
  16. markykos

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    You know I don’t cheat
  17. Benko

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    I know you do
  18. Porky

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    Tbh I support all of this, though I think power should be capped at 20.
  19. Benko

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    bro you dont play factions , succ me power needs to be raised
  20. Porky

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    I do, just that the fact of building massive bases is inevitable and it will be almost impossible to overclaim so the raiding will just be cannons and it'll take ages to build large bases :I

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