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    So I was walking on my front porch back and forth and I had the best thought, "I want some cheese." So I went and I had me some cheese, now being a chicken I decided I wanted to go ahead and fix me some chicken nuggets for lunch. Ah, very tasty it is young ones.

    Rocks back and forth in chair. Yawns because apparently us chickens can do that.

    Anyway, so I was walking back and forth on my front porch and I had the best thought-I was having the best thought that I wanted to fly, so I went up to my local city cruising in my bat-mobile like a Boss striding by the club because I wasn't interested today, so I just walked up to the nearest hotel, and well, I jumped off the roof. Being a chicken isn't easy, my feathers plucked right off but my chubby little self was okay afterwards.

    I should make an official Twitter or Instagram account, but I might get roasted too much or my brain might be fried from all the popularity.
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    Minecraft accounts: Alterings Teleporter
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    Minecraft accounts: Freakface109
    I just tried some fried chicken liver at dinner tonight. I am no longer a fan of your species...
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    *stomach rumbles* Feel like some nuggets.

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