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    Excluding Infection and Survival, /? /bukkit:help /bukkit:? /minecraft:tell /minecraft:me are not blocked. /? appears to be the only command working on hub however for other servers, all of these commands work. The first three listed commands reveals which plugins the server has which looks bad as /plugins has been blocked. /minecraft:tell is not seen by Essentials /socialspy by default unless added to its config (unlikely), /minecraft:me makes the chat format look bad.

    (new) Center the MOTD. You can have spaces in BungeeCord's config.yml simply by putting "&r" in front of the spaces.

    Several servers need achievement announcements disabled.

    Add a bug tester role for people to apply for so they can test new features before they're implemented so cases like the bedrock breaking multiple times before being pushed to infection can be prevented.

    Instead of using Votifier with VoteSend, switch to NuVotifier to prevent vote spams and for better integrity.

    More of a suggestion, it's easier to manage and update announcements using LiteAnnouncer for Bungeecord instead of having an announcer for each server.

    Switch to and configure BungeeMsg to enable messaging between servers (note this has a staff chat feature as well). If Bungeecord permissions is an issue (requiring to modify a user as an admin or moderator every promote/demotion), if not being used already, I suggest BungeePexBridge.

    I suggest getting SexyPex. This will allow you to have groups from PermissionsEx to have their permissions determined by the server they're in rather than globally whilst groups still being linked to players. (For example, I am added the group Titan, I get it on all servers and the Titan group has permissions set by each server).

    I think [MVPet] should be changed to [MVPets].

    A lot of new players are joining Mineverse yet the player-base is increasing very slowly. I suggest setting up PLAN for each server and try to diagnose why players aren't sticking around.

    Creative, Factions and Parkour should be deleted and redone. Get hype and release each the same way Infection was. This will encourage new players to join servers where they will not be by themselves and increase their chances in staying. For this reason, I will not be covering these servers in this thread.

    Configure LiteBans in a way so moderators are notified if a player with a banned alt joins the server. Get your developer to make a plugin to hook into LiteBans to allow players to be whitelisted from this list (in case a banned player has relatives, not alts). Better yet, allow moderators to execute a command provided by said plugin to whitelist a UUID from a banned IP address and allow moderators to IP ban. If this gets added, then the punishment for cheating should be less severe in some cases (such as x-ray).

    In tab, the hp display should be removed and it should display <ping>ms ping to the left and the TPS to the right.

    In the welcome messages, remove the player count. For a server with this player-base to have many previous people joining, it would give the server a bad look.

    Have /rules display the rules url.

    A section in servers should be changed to "KitPvP Servers" listing the two current kitpvp servers and a new one "Soup PvP" should be made.

    The anticheat isn't very impressive. I can vouch for https://www.mc-market.org/resources/475/

    The parkour needs changing to account for player's jump and speed boost.

    Missing pet ride and pet hat permissions.

    Not a big deal, but for "server", "Lobby <x>" would look better on the sidebar.

    For a low player count, TPS is not at 20 in any hub server. This is not a good look for new players looking to play on Mineverse.

    Some way of communicating with players in updates would be good (for those who do not use Discord or the forums), such as a hologram stating what change/update has been made or a message scrolling on the sidebar (FeatherBoard has that function).

    Instead of having "Teleporting to <server> world..." it should be "Teleporting to <server>." (Fixed for some servers...)

    /exp (provided by Essentials) would be lovely. If not, adding a level and exp value in the sidebar would help.

    /friend does not work.

    Infection does not have the /staff command.

    Block glitching has been an on-going issue. To prevent this, I'd advise setting players in adventure mode.

    When lightning strikes, it can strike whilst a game has not started (in the lobby).

    Suicide has been semi-fixed. The cooldown function works, but when you try /suicide <something> or /esuicide <something>, it sometimes sends you two messages and also states "You can't use /suicide <args> for <cooldown>" when it should just be /suicide. Again, CommandControl would fix that.

    Get custom skies for maps and lobbies! Use PacketPlayOutGameStateChange with keys 7 & 8 to get cool skies. You can use PacketPlayOutRespawn to trick the client into thinking it's the nether for nether values, or trick the client into thinking its a desert to prevent rain or more efficiently, add barriers to the top of the map.

    When a player joins, infected players don't appear as zombies.

    Some servers do not appear to have /friends linked to a database. (Is it meant to be per-server?).

    You no longer take damage from bedrock that has water over it. You also take damage standing near carpet that is on bedrock rather than on it.

    A new, updated idea I came up with for Vote Party rewards; have vote party reward players like it normally does but don't give the rewards right away, have an inventory showing players what rewards they can redeem (like show a chest containing the vote party drops for that time or each individual item...). This would encourage more people to vote and would make it a lot more fair on those who don't have a high rank.

    To add some light to the vote party idea, if this were implemented you could add crates to the lobby which have random rewards. You could change vote party rewards to virtual keys (meaning no items are needed) to use these crates to add to your "redeemable inventory", make sure to prevent items from being redeemed if they're via the lobby. If this idea is too OP, you could add limitations such as item cannot be used until there is (x) time left.

    A timer to kick afk players should be set in place (this can be done using Essentials). If players purposely bypass this timer, they can be punished.

    Zombies that are struck by lightning may receive dog bones (but cannot use it, thankfully), armour they can't equip or airstrikes that damages themselves and other zombies.

    I'm unsure about this, but when killing zombies by using an airstrike or wolves, it does not contribute to your killstreak.

    The alpha zombie should get a level up if all players lose.

    Instead of nerfing zombie kits, eggs, bows and arrows should be included in zombie kits that have cooldowns similar to donator kit times.

    I'll include @robosmith10 's idea here of not resetting the player's xp when their level is increased as well.

    When using any command with a : in it (for example /essentials:help), you get a message:
    "You are not allowed to see this server's plugin list." (Not sure of the provider but.. fail xD). When using /minecraft:tell or /minecraft:me, you get the message above as well as the message below:
    "(!) Sorry, command could not be executed, try via console!" (NoCheatPlus config)

    /dispose would be nice, whether it's for donors or not, or at least a sign at spawn for it.

    TPS is not 20.

    TPS is awful (below 15). Removing LogBlock may help significantly.

    Some people may be new to SkyBlock, given that Minecraft has blown up again. Having it so a challenge must be completed 1 at a time (for example, "Create a cobblestone generator") would help those players greatly. It would also increase the chances of the player staying as more dopamine releases occur (a chemical that gives you a feeling of satisfaction, it is released upon receiving or expecting to receive a reward).

    Something should be done about the monster spawning. If a new player joined SkyBlock and made a platform after making a generator, imagine all the monsters bombarding them at night.

    A sidebar wouldn't be bad, something like "Island level" (update this every 5 minutes or so, it is quite a resource consuming command).

    Have a plugin made that detects if a spawner can spawn monsters based on its location and the surrounding blocks. If it is in an invalid location, notify the player (such as pig spawners requiring a light level and grass, squid spawners depending on height, etc).

    When using /<plugin name>:<command>, the message "You are not allowed to use the command syntax /<plugin name>:<command>!" displays, as well as "You are not allowed to see the server's list of plugins!", the second message displays whenever any command (whether valid or not) with : in the command name is run.

    Surprisingly, Australians seem to represent a decent amount of Mineverse's playerbase. Having an Australian server for each kitpvp server would be nice, I have yet to find an Australian kitpvp server.

    Item despawn time should be decreased in spigot's config and ClearLag should be removed.

    /help Also displays a bunch of plugins that cover up the whole first page. Manually add help pages in essentials customtext.txt.

    Titan perks are missing.

    /help reveals a few plugins which of course, does not really help a player. Replace the help command with custom pages from essentials' customtext.txt.

    Titan perks are missing.

    CypriotMerkz is still listed as an owner on a sign.

    Trading rooms open randomly.

    From buying a kit, it should not show the kit's prefix in chat.

    You can enderpearl through the glass dome, you also should not be able to enderpearl back to spawn.

    An announcer describes what /friends does, however the command does nothing.

    When any reference of the website is given in chat (whether it's Twitter updates or in Discord), XenForo's logo is shown, it should be changed to Minverse's logo.

    The website would look better without the text to the bottom left.

    Although the theme is okay, a custom one catered to Mineverse would make the website look much more smoother than using a Brivium one.

    Having statistics stored in MySQL to make a leaderboards would be epic (Infection leaderboards, highest island level, richest survival player).

    The store should show information about the kits they get on each server.

    (New!) When logging in on your birthday to get the trophy, the text says "celebrating our birthday" when it should say "celebrating your birthday".

    For vote announcements on forums, it would be much neater having a table of player heads, rather than their whole skins. Either that, or have the background colour the same as the page's colour at the least.

    If you think anything should be added to the list or anything changed, post a reply.​
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    I'll respond so some of them. I support most of them, but not all

    Parkour - why?
    Creative - no thanks, unless it gets updated to 1.13 or 1.14
    Factions - support

    I think it's fine how it is now. It was a 7 day ban 3 weeks ago. Giving mods perms to ip ban also seems unrealistic. We can't even alt check.

    Could you explain why you want different ban lengths for different severities of hacking?

    The friends plugin is a 1.12 plugin and supposedly caused a lot of lag on OP and kit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I think he'll add it back soon

    No support. You aren't supposed to reach p10 within a week. Trippling your XP level would make it way too easy

    LogBlock is honestly the best plugin on SkyBlock. It has caught so many island farmers. I think it's worth the little lag it causes. I doubt it's LogBlock causing most of the lag anyway

    You can disable mob spawning with /settings. I also think it's disabled by default anyway​
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    This is due to a weird glitch where you could /fly when typing : in a command. LMAO
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    @Sando3 Thank you for your constructive response. Parkour is not very popular, players will get bored due to the lack of other players and the lack of goals. There are simple issues that also need fixing, such as respawning instantly instead of dying when you fall and spawning in front of the next level when you interact with a rank up sign.

    Creative I think should be redone solely for the fact that it lacks players. It could be reworked, it's currently like a bottle of soda that has been shaken up that tastes very flat. Either have a rank list where staff promote players for having good buildings until they're at the highest rank, granting the player additional plots per rank or, reward players with in game currency based on their play time, allowing them to purchase additional plots.

    With banning hackers, I really should have used the word 'cheaters' as this wasn't meant for just hackers only, for instance players using x-ray. I believe that moderators should have access to IP-Banning as if you ban a player and they rejoin on an alt, that's ban evading. Essentially, by banning a player any other accounts they join on that same IP will be presumed an alt account unless they can prove otherwise. Within that logic, banning the IP preventing them from joining with their alt accounts would work. If the off-chance occurs where they have a sibling who plays Mineverse as well, they can make a support ticket getting their UUID whitelisted whilst having the IP blacklisted. Granted that moderators get these permissions, the punishment for cheating I would consider to be too server. On that note, when a punishment happens on one server, it should happen on all servers (LiteBans supports MySQL).

    I do not see why a plugin so simple shouldn't have support for 1.8+ or why it should have any issues.

    With infection vote parties, a vote party would happen I'd say once an hour. That's approx one level per hour of activity. This would also encourage players to be more active, granted that the afk-timer is added.

    Test LogBlock against CoreProtect, or get a more efficient plugin catered towards SkyBlock. They record much more than they need to, considering the gamemode.

    If monster spawning is disabled by default, then that's fine.
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    ^ Most sounds good after clarification. Maybe go up and update your original thread to clarify it there as well? People are very split on the whole hacking thing though. If it should be 31d or perm. If it should be IP based or not. If it should be gamemode-specific or global. There are a lot of different opinions basically

    I have no idea why it caused so much lag. It might cause lag on all servers, but it doesn't really matter if there is no pvp. Some latency on Skyblock won't matter all that much for example

    And I support vote parties on Infection. 1-3 xp levels or an enchanted item would be fine to me, but not 3*yourcurrentxplevel lol
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    yes for factions
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    I added a new idea for Infection regarding Vote Parties. Check it out and let me know what you think. If you don't support this, leave constructive criticism, I welcome it.
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    Updated, now mentions updating kit information instead of just information for the store, bedrock damages you if you're next to carpet that is on bedrock regardless if you're on it, crossed out a few things.
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    Anything you suggest about 'switching' plugins most likely won't happen but I still support. The other "better" options I think are out there like.. why use PermissionsEx compared to LuckPerms? There's a clear winner in that department in my opinion same between Votifier and NuVotifier.

    Pex isn't as active in updates anymore if at all so eventually it'll stop working (probably in 1.13 is my assumption since code has drastically changed between 1.12 and 1.13).
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    I personally prefer PermissionsEx rather than LuckPerms but I do agree that LuckPerms allows you to do more. For Mineverse's needs, having SexyPex, BungeePexBridge and PermissionsEx together, it virtually has the same functionality as LuckPerms has. Some other plugins may depend on PermissionsEx but judging from what I saw, I doubt any on Mineverse do.
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    Wow mineverse must have a lot of birthdays lmfao
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    Bumping as I added another suggestion which is somewhat significant;
    "For vote announcements on forums, it would be much neater having a table of player heads, rather than their whole skins. Either that, or have the background colour the same as the page's colour at the least."
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    Removed crossed out lines, added new suggestions for infection.
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