March Competition!

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    Before we get started into this competition, we would like to congratulate @Ordi on winning the February Competition! Please contact one of us if you haven't already done so to claim your prize.


    This month's competition is going to be a drawing competition! In the competition, you will be required to draw something Mineverse themed! This can be the a different version of the logo, the staff team, ect. ect. Go wild!


    (Failure to comply will result in your submission being deleted and you will not be allowed a second)

    Posts are to only be questions or entries, any other types will be deleted.

    Plagiarism is not allowed and will result in you being disqualified from the competition and potential future competitions.

    You are only allowed to have one entry. Having any more than one will lead them to be ignored.

    No troll drawings or making fun of other people's work.


    Video (optional):
    What your drawing is:


    This months prize will be your choice of either premium on forums for 6 months (your choice of color) or a 25$ coupon for the Mineverse store.

    Entries will no longer be accepted on the 28th, winners will be announced next competition.

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    Minecraft accounts: canting
    IGN: canting
    Drawing: upload_2019-3-6_16-34-49.png

    so i made a better one but the recording software accidentally recorded the wrong screen so here is the new drawing :)
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