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    This is an in depth explanation to our official rules thread located HERE. This thread is a rather long read. Try using Ctrl+F to search for keywords to the rule you are wanting to better clarify.

    General Server Rules(Global):

    • Forgery:
    Forgery is the falsifying of evidence in the attempt to get another player unfairly punished, this will not be taken lightly. Do not attempt to falsify evidence in order to get a player or staff member punished. All evidence must be legitimate and reported within 2 weeks of obtaining.

    Forgery will result in a forums and Ingame ban.

    Ingame: 1st offense 1 month ban, 2nd offense perm ban
    Forums: 1st offense 14 ban, 2nd offense 31 day ban
    • Harassment/Staff Disrespect:
    Harassment is a serious offense that will be handled according to the severity of the offense. We do not condone any behavior of players that may involve bullying, excessive disrespect, body shaming, or disability shaming.

    Do not disrespect any member of Mineverse’s staff team. Staff members dedicate their free time to ensure that the players are able to have an enjoyable environment, please treat them with respect. Punishments may vary depending on severity, however, a set guideline will determine your basic punishment

    In-game: The first offense will result in a verbal warning. If you continue, it could go up to a 2 hour mute followed by a 1 day mute. Further continuation may lead to a perm mute.
    • Chat Related Offenses:
    Some chat offenses include but are not limited to spam, flaming, swearing, and filter bypassing.

    In-game: The first offense a verbal warning. Second offense is a 30 minute mute followed by 2 hours and a 1 day mute for the fourth offense. Continuous use may result in a perm mute.
    • Extreme Chat Related Offenses:
    Some extreme chat offenses include but are not limited to racism, sexism, discrimination of any sort.

    In-Game: The first offense will be a 24 hour mute. Second offenses and after will be a 2-3 day mute.
    • Advertising:
    Do not advertise any external website or IP that could potentially draw users away from Mineverse, this also includes Discord links that isn't Mineverse's. Although, some exceptions include Twitch, Youtube, Crew’s other servers, or other channels.

    In-game: Advertising any IP for the first time will be a month ban from the lobby. 2nd offense: Permanent (Appeal) 3rd offense: Permanent (No Appeal)

    In-game: Advertising without an IP address such as saying "Let's play Hypixel" can result in a warn for first offense. If it continues, a mute may occur.

    In-game: Advertising inappropriate links: such as porn or anything of the nature will be a 31 day ban from the game mode.

    In-game: Advertising a Discord link that isn't Mineverse's will get you banned for these lengths of time:
    1st Offence: 7 days
    2nd Offence: 14 days
    3nd Offence: 31 days.

    • Hacking:
    Using a hack client or any unconfirmed mod on the server is not be permitted. For a list of legal and illegal modifications, click here. The use of macros is not allowed on mineverse.

    PvP related gamemodes (Kitpvp, OpPvp, Factions, Survival, Infection):
    1st offense: 31 days
    2nd offense: Perm ban with the ability to appeal
    3rd offense: Perm ban with no appeal

    Hacking on Non PvP gamemodes (Skyblock, Creative, Parkour) will result in a 7 day ban.
    • DDoS, DoX or Account Hacking Threats:
    Do not threaten to DoX or DDoS any mineverse member or server. Do not threaten to hack player accounts. These ban lengths are subject to change depending on severity of threat, as well as if action was taken on these threats.

    In-game: These threats will result in a 14 day ban. The second time will be a 21 day ban. Anymore offenses will be a 31 day ban from the game mode.
    • Releasing Private Information:
    Do not release private information of anyone on Mineverse. This includes but is not limited to IP addresses, addresses, phone numbers, names, or Skype usernames. The severity of private information & punishment will be determined by this:

    Any personal info that is released (names, Skype username, social media username, zip code, town name, school name) will be handled as:
    1st offense: 7d
    2nd offense: 1 month
    3rd: Perm
    (This must be reported by the player whose name/photo was released, not all players mind if this information is used)

    Very personal info such as ip addresses, phone numbers, DOX info, home addresses, email address, and passwords
    1st offense: 1 month lobby ban
    2nd offense: Perm lobby ban
    We reserve the right to instantly perm ban accounts.

    • Staff Impersonation/Trolling:
    Do not act as if you are a MV staff member when you are not. This can be very misleading.
    Do not troll either. Some situations considered trolling are falsifying information, giving out purposeful false information, etc.

    In-game: Staff Impersonation and trolling will result in a 1 day mute.
    • Ban/Mute Evading:
    Do not ban/mute evade or try to get around a ban placed on one of your accounts. If you are given a punishment, you are expected to carry it out like everyone else. Responding to a PM by the use of /er while being muted is not considered mute evasion.

    In-game: Ban evasion will result in your alt being banned for the same amount as the main.

    In-game: Mute evasion will cause your account to be banned for the remaining length of the mute.

    • Blackmail:
    Do not blackmail any user or force any user to do anything that they wish not to by threatening them.

    In-game: Blackmail will result in a 5 day ban for the first offense. Second time will result in a 7 day ban. Third will be 14 days and fourth will be a month.
    • Posting Malicious Links:
    Do not send links meant to harm anyone. These can include phishing links, links that download keyloggers, or IP grabbers.

    In-game: Sending such links will result in a 31 day ban.
    • Pet Hiding and Exploiting Bugs:
    Do not hide within your pets to escape death & do not abuse the bugs and exploits on MV.

    In-Game : Doing any of these will result in a 1 day ban for the first offence and 3 days for the second. However further continuation of exploiting bugs might result in a 7d ban.
    • Death Wishes/Threats:
    Do not threaten any user of Mineverse. Death, SWAT, hostage, & bodily harm, threats are serious and will be punished. Death wishes such as "kys" or encouraging suicide will also be punished with seriousness. Making up random acronyms to avoid punishment will not help you.

    In-game: Threats of any kind will result in a 7-14 day mute from the gamemode.
    The length of the mute will be:
    1st Offense: 7 days
    2nd Offense: 14 days
    3rd Offense: 31 days

    • TP Trapping and Death Traps/Warps:
    Do not create a death trap/warp with the intent of killing someone. A TP trap is considered “TP for gear” and then they kill you. If you request to teleport to someone and they kill you, this is not considered a TP trap and is not punishable.

    In-game: TP trapping is a 7 day ban the first time. The second time is a 14 day ban and third is a 31 day ban.
    • Safe Zone/Peaceful game mode killing:
    Do not kill players in safe zones or in peaceful game modes. (Skyblock, Creative, OP Prison plot area)

    In-Game: Safe area killing is a 7 day ban for the first offense. The second would be a 14 day ban and third a month ban.
    • Scamming:
    Do not scam any user of Mineverse out of their items, rank, or money.
    Mineverse staff do not do refunds for items that you have be scammed of, trade at your own risk. In-game money can in some cases be refunded.

    *If reporting a scam, please be sure that we can clearly see exactly what you are trading for and both players agreeing to the trade in video evidence.*

    In-game scams: Scamming will result in a 7 day the first time. The second time will result in a 14 day ban and the third a month. Continued offenses will result in a perm ban. The punishment may also vary based on severity of the scam.

    IRL scams: This type of scam refers to being scammed after buying something on the mineverse store. First offense will be a month ban. Continued offenses will be a permanent ban.

    • Griefing:
    Do not grief one's plot, skyblock or anything MV related. However, griefing on survival is allowed in unprotected areas, unless purposely done to ruin a claim's surroundings.

    Greifing includes but is not limited to theft, destruction of claims and the killing of animals without permission.

    *Add players to your plot or claim at your own risk*

    In-game: Griefing is a 31 day ban.

    Cobble M0nstering is a 14day ban.

    • Illegal Trading:
    Do not use Mineverse as a way to give away or sell your MC account. Trading server items or money for anything not MV related is not allowed. However, donor rank (Mineverse ranks only) purchases can be made in exchange for in-game items.

    In-game: Illegal trading will result in a 7-31 day mute.
    The length of the mute will be:
    1st Offense: 7 days
    2nd Offense: 14 days
    3rd Offense: 31 days

    • Inappropriate Names and Skins:
    Do not login our server with an inappropriate skin or username.

    In-game: Inappropriate skin/username is a 3 day lobby ban for first offense, you can be unbanned early for changing your name, just appeal. Second offense and after is a 31 day lobby ban, an appeal will not be accepted for the 2nd offense and after, even if you change your name.
    • Inappropriate Builds/Plots/Clans/Factions:
    Do not create inappropriate builds/plots on the servers. The build/plot will be cleared by a senior mod. If a build has inappropriate content, the owner of the build will be punished unless proof is provided that a member did it. Inappropriate builds can be visually or a lag machine. Clans and faction names that impersonate staff or have inappropriate terms will be disbanded.

    In-game: Inappropriate plots will be a 7-31 day ban from the game mode.
    1st Offense: 7 days
    2nd Offense: 14 days
    3rd Offense: 31 days

    • Bots:
    Do not use bots under any circumstances. This includes spamming and farming kills. Bots will be lobby banned, the user running the bots will be banned from the gamemode. This rule also includes using bots to farm money and the use of alts to get money by killing them.

    In-game: Bots used of any kind will result of a 14 day ban.
    - Bots will be lobby banned

    Spambots: Permed in the lobby immediately.

    Bot farming: 1st offense: kick
    2nd: 7 day ban + balance wipe (no matter how much was obtained)

    • Duping:
    Do not dupe anything on the server. If caught, everything duped will be cleared.

    In-game: Duping items will result in an immediate perm ban with the ability to appeal. If caught again, immediate perm ban with no chance to appeal.

    *Continuous breaking of these rules can result in a permanent ban*
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    Server Specific Rules:

    • Infection
    Block Glitching & Boosting

    Boosting is the intentional action of using damage - via zombies - to be “boosted” up to an inaccessible area of the map that you cannot get to without assistance.

    Block glitching is against our rules, if you witness a player(s) breaking blocks to reach new areas of the map, they are to be punished.

    Blocking buttons to purposely protect humans is also against the rules.

    In-game if reported:
    1st ofence: warn
    2nd offence: 1 hour ban (if online - otherwise 1 day)
    3rd offence: 1 day ban

    In-game if staff sees:
    1st offence: kick
    2nd offence: 1 hour ban
    3rd offence: 1 day ban

    • OP PvP
    Dragon Eggs:

    Trying to open an obsessive amount of dragon eggs concurrently (over 3+ during a short time span can result in a 7 day ban. Mods are notified and it is logged, as this can be related to a hacked client

    • Skyblock:
    Island Farming:

    Do not create more than one island in hopes of gaining more dirt or items to sell.

    In-game: Island farming will result in a 31 day ban and removal of all your dirt.

    Illegal Item Trading:

    Do not use the starter island items to trade. The items you start with are only for you.
    Don't trade dirt and buckets. It doesn't matter how they were obtained, they should never be traded.
    You're allowed to trade sand, iron and grass blocks.

    In-game: Trading illegal items will result in a 31 day ban for both players.

    • Survival:

    Anyone who's caught attempting to cheat (hack, xray, dupe) on Survival gets blacklisted from the leaderboard and the monthly competition rewards for 3 months. This additional punishment is not automatically removed, but mut be appealed after 3 months have passed.

    • Skywars:

    Teaming is as of right now allowed on Skywars.

    • Bedwars:

    Teamkilling or trolling is when you purposely try to sabotage and ruin the chances for your own team. The following is considered teamkilling and will get punished if reported by the player(s) being trolled or teamkilled:
    - Killing your teammates
    - Trapping your teammates
    - Removing the bed protection
    - Directly helping another team to kill your own team

    The punishments have not yet been decided, but will be warned on first offence.

    Stat Boosting:

    Getting continously boosted by friends (communing) to farm xp is not allowed. Using bots/alts to farm xp is not allowed. Purposely stalling the game for more xp is not allowed.

    The punishments have not yet been decided, but will be warned on first offence.


    Spawnkilling is as of right now allowed as long as you don't violate any other rules.


    Crossteaming is as of right now allowed as long as you don't violate any other rules such as teamkilling.

    • Prison:
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: Content of this hidden block can only be seen by members of (usergroups: Moderator, Owner).**
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