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    Post Farming | The Official Rule
    There is a lot of controversy that can be aroused by this rule, and that is why you can refer to this thread to better understand what exactly post farming is.

    Punishment guideline
    For those receiving forum infractions for post farming, we generally follow by this punishment guideline depending on the severity of the situation:
    (If punished, all of the "post farming" posts will be removed)
    *1st offense: Warning
    **2nd offense: Mute
    ***3rd offense: 3 day mute
    ****The punishment will continue escalate after multiple offenses and depending on the severity.

    Please note, if it is your first time post farming and you've received more than a warning, that is because the moderator has decided the situation was severe enough to warrant a higher punishment for your first offense.

    What is post farming?
    Post farming is when a user is posting solemnly to increase their post count, as stated in the official rule. Post farming can also be seen as "post spamming".

    Examples of this:
    • ◼ Rapidly posting "support" on moderator applications/suggestions while appearing to not even reading the thread and/or rapidly in a short timeframe.
    • ◼ Replying to help threads with something that has already been stated.
      • Doing this just once will not result in a punishment, but the said post will be removed. Once rapidly repeated is when warning points will be applied.
    • ◼ Replying to many threads within a short time frame of each other in a way that appears you are just trying to raise your post count.
    • ◼ Typing "bump" on exceeding amounts of threads for the purpose of only raising your post count.
      • Do not mistake this for someone bumping 2 or 3 threads, you are allowed to bump up a couple of your threads at a time. It is only punishable if seen as obvious post farming/spamming.
    How to report users for post farming

    When reporting a single post
    Please just simply click the report button upload_2017-1-9_18-41-46.png on the post and a moderator will deal with the post and inspect the user.

    When reporting a user/multiple posts
    Use the forum report section and provide a link to the user's profile and proof of their post farming. A moderator will then view the user's recent activity and punish accordingly + remove the said posts.

    **Note: Posting in the off topic forum (and it's subsections) do not increase your post count, thus the post farming rule does not apply there. However, you still can not "post spam" there.
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  2. Ordi

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    For this example, would this happened when the post farmer says stupid/off-topic content that doesn't go with the thread?

    The thread is in a help section.

  3. Clxrity

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    Off topic posts are deleted yes.
  4. Clxrity

    Clxrity Boss Member

    Credit to @Scorvix
    Edited information about post farming/spamming in off topic forums.
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