Kit PvP Spamming[Muted][Quert]

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Vincent~, May 17, 2019 at 4:20 PM.

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  1. Vincent~

    Vincent~ Active Member

    Minecraft accounts: WilliamAfton1987
    Use this forum to report a player for breaking any rule. Please include:
    1. Your ingame name: WilliamAfton1987
    2. The offender's exact ingame name: SledgeBone
    3. A description of what rule they broke/how they broke it: Spamming
    4. Evidence/full screenshots:
    NOTE: You cannot report on behalf of other players
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  2. Quertiss

    Quertiss Head Moderator Head Moderator

    Head Moderator
    Thank you for your report. This player has been muted.
    This thread has been moved to Reports - Archives.
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