Global SpiderVenom_ Report[Lack of Evidence]

Discussion in 'Reports' started by TripleSamBam, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. TripleSamBam

    TripleSamBam Member

    Use this forum to report a player for breaking any rule. Please include:
    1. Your ingame name: NotPile
    2. The offender's exact ingame name: SpiderVenom_
    3. A description of what rule they broke/how they broke it: Yelled at me in a discord call while playing, she also didn't protect our bed and that's the reason why we lost 1 game, I demand that you ban this woman. She also forced me to create this report and she hits hard. She also DDoS threatened me and said: "My booter hits harder than your uncle" and my uncle does hit pretty hard.
    4. Evidence/full screenshots: 13099014_255602861461360_480487586_n.jpg
  2. Ordi

    Ordi Legendary Member Premium

    Thank you for the report.
    Unfortunately the evidence provided is insufficient.
    Should you gain more evidence in the future, do not hesitate to report this player(s) again.

    Kind regards,
    The Staff
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