Discussion in 'Guides & "How To"' started by DoctorDistructo, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Whenever I vote it never gives me anything what am I suppose to do it feels like I'm wasting my time trying please help. :/
  2. trile63

    trile63 Active Member

    its okay Doc they will fix it
  3. But how are people voting but I can't?
  4. Bubble_kid

    Bubble_kid Active Member

    When you vote you have to be online at the same time. Maybe that's it
  5. Nope I already tried well am I using the right web page please tell me the web is it just right here on forums or what
  6. nitrofireman

    nitrofireman Member

    when he means be online he means be on the server at same time.
  7. oxrage789

    oxrage789 New Member

    I vote when I am not on the server and it works.
  8. mineterria

    mineterria Well-Known Member

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