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    I would like to start this off by saying that this thread has a few suggestions for things to be added, and suggestions for things to be changed. Hopefully at least 1/3 of this is implemented into current factions to make it somewhat better.

    1. Spawn Claims
    You can claim spawn with a few different methods.

    2. Top 5 wealthiest players
    There is a glitch with the baltop showcased at spawn. The 5th person on baltop takes 4th on this display as well.

    3. Rank board
    Rank board hasn't been touched since factions reset.

    4. Mob pit
    Can't kill the pigs at spawn. Make it possible to harm mobs at spawn.

    5. Crates
    You can't open the Astro crate, Ultra crate, or Divine crate from the front.

    6. Crates V2
    When you get xp from crates, you don't actually get it ingame.

    7. Crates V3

    You have a chance to win protection 5 from the galactic crate, but you just get protection 4.

    8.Boats don't work
    Boats aren't usable, just disappear when used.

    9. Nether is disabled
    Nether isn't available.

    10. TNT doesn't cause damage
    Tnt won't hurt you.

    11. TNT clears other tnt
    Usually when you have tnt next to more tnt, it will cause that tnt to explode, except here it just disappears. I'm not certain if its supposed to do that or not.

    12. ANVILS WOT
    You can literally walk ontop of anvils and fix them.

    13. Chests'n crops
    You can't place chests nearby crops.

    14. Auction house
    Says the listing fee is $1, when it takes away $100 per listing.

    15. Vine climbing
    This has to do more with the anticheat but yea you can't climb vines.

    16. pvp
    Alot of hits in pvp don't register and pvp is overall just bad.

    17. Water and Spawners
    Water can't be placed near spawners. Its glitched water 1 block away, and 4 blocks away water can flow.

    18. Version glitches
    In newer versions (1.12, 1.13) you get exited out of your pv, eec, crafting table, anvil, furnace, etc.

    19. Wings CE
    For those of you who don't know what this is, its a custom enchant book. It allows you to fly around in your claims when put on armor. That being said, when your flying around and use a command like /feed or /pv, you start falling and you need to renable it. Same with when you grab something out of your inventory.

    20. Super breaker PATCHED
    Super breaker is the ability on your pickaxe which you right click to enable, sometimes when you use it you get kicked. This isn't as common now but still occurs.

    21. Serrated strikes PATCHED
    This is another ability but for the sword, and yep you guessed it; it also kicks you. Not as common as with mining and doesn't happen alot anymore either.

    22. Outside the map
    You can claim outside the map, so you can have a claim in 10,001, 9997.

    23. Featherboard PATCHED
    Remove this and add back the old one.

    24. Beacons
    Have beacons affect your faction value.

    25. Mobs are braindead
    Mobs spawned in with spawners don't attack you. Or move in that case. Are positives with this though.

    26. Mushrooms?
    Possibly add mushrooms to the shop (farming section)?

    27. Building up
    When your stacking up with blocks, it will glitch you down to the block your on, so instead of stacking up like a normal person you gotta move side to side and do it.

    28. Fishin
    Auto fish farms aren't functional.

    29. "What the.. where'd it go?"
    In newer versions (1.12, 1.13) your items will disappear in your inventory alot, and you need to reconnect for them to reappear.

    30. Items in Water
    Items can't be moved by water, they move a few blocks then reset. Patch this so auto farms can work.

    31. lily pads
    Can't jump on lilypads, glitches you.

    32. Mobs in water
    Its not just items in water that won't move, mobs won't move either making a few mob farms useless.

    33. Pumpkins won't break from pistons
    Pumpkins should break from pistons, on here they do not.

    34. Raiding Spawners
    You can't silk touch spawners on raids in other bases. Make it possible.

    35. The end
    It’s possible to get to the end but it has been covered in cobble for a while now.

    36. Wings CE again
    So, when you claim a new area your wings book won't work sometimes. 50/50, it also randomly doesn't work sometimes.

    37. Messaging system
    Whenever you do /r it does not actually message the most recent. It will message to the person you have already been messaging with. Fix this and have it like on every other server.

    38. Bedrock
    Closer to spawn the bedrock is not flat. After that and until the edge of the world, the bedrock is flat.

    39. Server lag ~ pvp edition
    When someone dies from pvp it lags everyone online.

    40. mcmmo scoreboard
    The command /scoreboard keep does not work, this command is for mcmmo.

    41. Lower pearl cooldown
    The current pearl cooldown is 15 seconds, maybe lower it to 5 seconds? Just a suggestion

    42. Wings CE again 2.0
    If you are 1 block, maybe 10 blocks up in the air and go out of territory while in flight, you die. Not sure if this is supposed to happen, but I would rather you take the correct amount of fall damage instead of losing 10 hearts from a 2 block fall.

    43. Chat colors
    Add chat colors (&1, &2, etc.). Why? Why not.

    44. Enable bounties
    Enable bounties, WITHOUT compasses. Tracker compasses could easily show a players location and base if compasses were added. Just add /bounty (name) (amount) , /bountyon (name) , MAYBE /bounty list and being able to use the ncp to see bounties.

    45. Random NCP's
    There are 2 locations on the map where there are just random ncps, tinker, enchanter, bounty, lottery, etc. There are also random mcmmo leader boards floating around the map.

    46. Random particles
    There are random particles just floating, in the end and in the overworld.

    47. Stacked items
    Apparently you are not allowed stacked items on kitpvp or oppvp. Maybe do the same on factions, its easy to get stacked items (that have a limited of 16, or 1). Fix the shop so it doesn't stack items.

    48. Rip snowtop
    Someone destroyed a koth, good luck fixing that.

    49. pvp lag
    pvp hits don't register half the time, and if you manage to kill someone somehow then you lag the entire server.

    50. Knockback 2
    You don't actually take any knockback if this is enchanted on your sword. Fix this, it messes with knockback 1 and 2 play style.

    51. Player Vaults
    So I noticed that the player vaults are not actually MVVaults, but they are PlayerVaultsX. Why not just use MVVaults? Its used on oppvp and kitpvp and would look better on factions.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I know that many people will say "factions is dead so no", but these changes can help increase numbers by having new players stay. Ingame I usually see alot of these complaints about the server and people asking for help, "my key from vote party is not working", "my boat just disappeared", "is my nether portal not working or can i not build properly?" If a few of these were patched/fix maybe more players would care enough to play. A few of these changes take less then an hour to implement.
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    Thanks and bump
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    full support, this kid knows what should be added to factions and how to improve it.
    Actually start implementing some of these.
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    Minecraft accounts: canting
    support factions is fun when stuff is working
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    Thanks Hannah, thank you Toxic
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    Full support, wow
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    Thank you for the support!
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    Minecraft accounts: canting
    more supporto
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    more thanks
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    3 things have been fixed, or at least don't happen anymore to my knowledge which is good; bump.
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    thank you !
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    Minecraft accounts: Scottishhh
    I don't play factions as much as I once did but I fully support this because it would definitely help with people getting into factions or wanting to continue
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    thank you for the support
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    Minecraft accounts: canting
    can some mod look at this? this isn’t really a suggestion because it’s a thread on how to literally fix factions
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    thank you

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