Kit PvP hacker F[Handled]

Discussion in 'Reports' started by ColeMonkey, Mar 25, 2020 at 1:40 PM.

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  1. ColeMonkey

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    Use this forum to report a player for breaking any rule. Please include:
    1. Your ingame name: Saalmiakkii
    2. The offender's exact ingame name: gensou_hide (hes banavading his main is Doctor_Potato aand his another account is _Epzi_ ) so if u would like to chek his ip and give that kid ipban he keeps comming on different accounts to hack he will not stop it
    3. A description of what rule they broke/how they broke it: HACKING killaura /reach
    4. Evidence/full screenshots:
    NOTE: You cannot report on behalf of other players upload_2020-3-25_19-38-14.png upload_2020-3-25_19-38-14.png upload_2020-3-25_19-38-14.png upload_2020-3-25_19-38-14.png
  2. Acceptation

    Acceptation Moderator Moderator

    For ban evasion, we require some actual evidence that could suggest he is ban evading. And the proof you have submitted is cropped which we can not accept. Anyways the user above has been punished in another report.

    Thank you for your report. This report has been resolved.
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