OP PvP Hacker[Lack of Evidence][Thunderings]

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Rayge, Feb 13, 2019.

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  1. Rayge

    Rayge New Member

    1. Your ingame name: Rayge
    2. The offender's exact ingame name: Boobalyboo
    3. A description of what rule they broke/how they broke it: Reduced knockback, possibly aim assist and autoclicker.
    4. Evidence/full screenshots:

    Boobalyboo is aiming directly at the centre of flerr_'s body the majority of the time, indicative of aim assist.
    Assuming she is using aim assist and autoclicker, she can be adjusting the velocity settings while fighting.
    She turns the velocity down to 0% then up to 50% repeatedly.

    Please note her ping is less than 50 ms, this is not lag.
  2. Thunder (Zelda: BOTW)

    Thunder (Zelda: BOTW) Moderator Moderator

    Minecraft accounts: Thunderings
    Thank you for the report.
    Unfortunately the evidence provided is insufficient.
    Should you gain more evidence in the future, do not hesitate to report this player(s) again.

    Kind regards,
    The Staff
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