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What Leader board should we have?

  1. Arrows fired

  2. Arrow hits

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  3. both

  1. TheLoneSurvivor1

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    I have been grinding the leaderboards on OP PvP for a couple of weeks now, and I have come to the conclusion that bows need to be represented more in the leaderboards and in stats. Currently, the only stat related to bows on the leaderboard is arrows fired, but I think adding arrow hits to the leaderboard or even replacing arrows fired with arrow hits would be a much better use of the servers leaderboards. Additionally, I think arrow accuracy should be added to stats so a player can get a better feel for how good they are with a bow since this is already a feature with melee weapons. Making these changes will encourage players to incorporate bows into their PvP style and make fights more interesting across the platform.

    As a side note, I think leaderboards should also be pushed a lot more across the platform. Adding an incentive like rank upgrades for the #1 in each leaderboard or the top 3 in a certain leaderboard each month would encourage players to put time into the server so they can see their stats go up. Additionally, there should be a lot more reminders in chat telling people about the leaderboards since it is such a new feature and many of mineverses players don't know about it yet.

    And as a final note, leaderboards need to be updated a lot more often. I know that they cause strain on the server but decreasing the time between updates is essential to making them more popular among the server. When a player is trying to go for a leaderboard stat and they see themselves rising the leaderboards bit by bit it is really a great experience for them but when it sometimes takes 12h for a leaderboard to update its leaderboards it just doesn't have the same effect on players. I know updates cause a lot of strain on the server, but it is important to keep players engaged with the server and there are many ways to decrease the strain that updates put on the server.

    One example of optimization to the update algorithm is running a full check every 30m to identify what players are currently close to being on the leaderboards (top 100 players or so). Then when a player checks the leaderboards the server orders the list of the 100 top players from 1-100 based on their current stats and uses the top 10 on the leaderboard. Now, of course, we don't want people to abuse this by spamming the command so you should also add a 60-second cooldown between updates that would be shared by all players (It is essential that the cooldown only resets while there isn't already a cooldown running). Making this change to the leaderboard update algorithm would significantly increase the update count with very minimal effects on server performance.

    As a coder myself, I predict that you could make a prototype of this code in 1 hour but I would recommend doing extensive testing on it for at least half a week making sure that the code is not flawed in any way before implementing it into the server.
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  2. BlackZone

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    Would be good. Support
  3. JustExposed

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    neutral people will just be encouraged to bow spam.
    competitive rewards, I like that support.
    support if possible
  4. Mr. Friendly

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    Support, leaderboards are already nice, why not make em even better by giving people a reason to want to get on em?
  5. HotProtato

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    How about "The amount of times arrows have bounced off of you leaderboard" lmfao I swear, we may as well have rubber arrows.

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