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    I'd like to start this introduction by stating that i'm by no means a new player in Mineverse just someone who used to change his name every month and usually didn't talk to others unless they talked to me first so basically i'm kind of a nobody here even tho my 4 years of being on the server (maybe 3 i stopped playing for quite a while).If anyone of you reading this has seen me somewhere it is probably at the prison or infection (in-game) and at the forums.If it rings any bells i was called SlimeTheGreat and later XxLeathal_ViruZxX.

    What i like to do:​
    • Sleep
    • Play Fallout4, TES V Skyrim and sometimes Dawn of Titans or GW2
    • Stare at the ceiling of my room
    • Watch anime
    • Browser the forums of Mineverse
    • Enter spectator mode and watch people RP on Creative O,o
    • Study biology during the breaks at school unless i'm disturbed by my friends
    • Watch depressing movies in hope that i will actually feel something (jk)
    • Waste your time by writing this introduction
    • Incinerate bugs
    Thats pretty much everything i like so now i'll go on with what i don't like
    • I don't like adult cats (when they are babies they are cute but then they become cunning lion miniatures)
    • I don't like the desert and the rainforests everything should have a limit this place don't have one
    • I don't like going outside
    • I don't like people who tell me to go outside
    • I don't like elitists
    • I don't like popular people
    • I don't like to work in a team full of uncooperative lesser beings (contrary to popular belief i'm not one of them)
    • I don't like being in places with lots of people especially when they are looking at me
    • I don't like people who think they no everything
    • I don't like aggressive people
    • I hate my amazing 5 Mps internet connection
    • I don't like writing so now i will stop listing what i do not like
    I saw two people using this so i thought it probably isn't copyrighted and since i'm lazy AF i'll use it too.

    Real name: Nikolas
    2. Nickname: nick
    3. Favorite color: Black
    4. Gender: Male
    5. Race: Divine
    6. Age: chronologically a few trillions of years old however the vessel i'm currently using is 15
    7. Sexuality: Straight
    8. Introvert or Extrovert: I am not bound by such foolish mortal stereotypes
    9. Hair color: Mixture of black and brown
    10. Tall or short: Average
    11. Sweats or jeans: jeans
    12. Phone or camera: Phone
    13. Health freak: No
    14. Orange or apple: Orange
    15. Do you have a crush on someone: No
    16. Guy friends or girl friends: Both
    17. Piercings: No
    18. Pepsi or coke: Water
    19. Have you been in an airplane and how many times: I have been about 6 times
    20. Have you been in a relationship: No
    21. Have you been in a car accident: No
    22. Have you been in a fist fight: Yes
    23. First piercing: None
    24. Best Friend : None
    25. First award: Well humans did make a whole religion dedicated to me so i guess about 2.000 years ago
    26. First crush: Mary
    27. First word: Let it be light (yea i know thats a phrase but idc)
    28. Any talent: Many
    29. Last person you talked to: Jesus
    30. Last person you texted: I don't text i use telepathy instead
    31. Last person you watched a movie with: Lucifer (contrary to popular belief we are good friends)
    32. Last thing you ate: I don't eat
    33. Last movie/ TV show you watched: The Simpsons
    34. Last song you listened to: N/A
    35. Last thing you bought: This universe
    36. Last person you hugged: Saint Mary

    37. Food: None
    38. Drink: None
    39. Fruit: None
    40. Flower: None
    41. Animal: Human
    42. Number: 0
    43. Movie: N/A
    44. Subject: Advanced World Creation
    45. Sport: The Devil's Advocate
    46. Sports Team: None
    47. Book: None
    48. City: None
    49. Country: None
    50. Song: None

    •Have you ever? (Answer Yes or No)
    45. Fallen in love with someone: Yes
    46. Celebrated Halloween: No
    47. Had your heart broken: No
    48. Went over the minutes/ texts on your phone: Yes
    49. Had someone like you: Yes
    50. Hated the way someone changed: Yes
    51. Got in trouble with police: No
    52. Had a party: Yes
    53. Did something you regret: Yes, i created you
    54. Broken a promise: No
    55. Hidden a secret: Yes
    56. Pretend to be happy: I don't feel emotions
    57. Met someone who has changed your life: No
    58. Pretended to be sick: I don't get sick
    59. Left the country: I never was at a country to begin with
    60. Tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it: No
    61. Cried over the silliest thing: No
    62. Ran a mile: No
    63. Gone to the beach with your best friend: No
    64. Gotten into an argument with your friends: No
    65. Disliked someone: No
    66. Stayed single for two years since the first time you had a bf/gf or been single forever: What a foolish question, just what i would expect from a mortal

    67. Eating: Nothing
    68. Drinking: Nothing
    69. Listening to: Nothing
    70. Sitting or laying: Sitting
    71. Plans for today: I have to create a new solar system in a few minutes
    72. Waiting for: Your destruction
    73. Want kids: I have one and i'm fine with it
    74. Want to get married: No
    75. Want to travel: I'm omnipotent i can't travel

    •What do you look for in a partner?
    76. Lips or eyes: None
    77. Shorter or taller: Impossible
    78. Younger or older: With the later being impossible i'll say younger
    79. Romantic or spontaneous: None
    80. Trouble-maker or hesitant: None
    81. Hook up or relationship: None
    82. Looks or personality: None

    •Have you ever:
    83. Lost glasses: No
    84. Snuck out of the house: No
    85. Held a gun/ knife in self defense: No, i did have to use a meteor strike once tho
    86. Killed somebody: Yes
    87. Broke someone's heart: Yes
    88. Been in love: No
    89. Cried when someone dies: No

    •Do you believe in:
    90. Yourself: Yes
    91. Miracles: I am one
    92. Love at first sight: No
    93. Heaven: Yes
    94. Santa Claus: Yes
    95. Aliens: Yes
    96. Ghosts/ angels: Yes

    97. Is there one person you really want to be with right now: No
    98. Do you know who your real friends are: I know everything (including what you did last night) so yes
    99. Do you believe in God: As i mentioned above i do believe in my self
    100. Do you easily make friends: Yes

    So peeps that was it if you want to know more about me feel free to not ask :)
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    hey u seen cool we should talkk
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    in all honesty I read this entire thing & im glad I did. I rate 10/10, would read again.
    Welcome/Welcome back?/Hello.
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    hi there
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    I want you to take a moment and ask yourself "How many times have i said this phrase".

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    Welcome bruhhhh
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    Don't bruhhhh me now go back to the lake you came from
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    Welcome if you have any Questions feel free to ask the Friendly staff as they will help you to the best of the abilities or you can ask me :)
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    You are glad you red this :eek:
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    p.s. I have a feeling that you want to become a mod :p then again who wouldn't
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    I mean I am applying but I'm just being friendly,
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    How did you kill someone?
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    I used my divine powers to create a reversed-gravity field inside him that made him explode.
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    Welcome/Welcome back to forums! I hope you have a wonderful stay here, like in a cozy hotel room! :)
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