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Discussion in 'Reports' started by EveramSyndicate, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Please follow this template when making a Bug | Glitch report.
    1. Your in-game name: Aleveran
    2. Game mode that the bug and/or glitch is effecting: All pvp gamemodes
    3. Description of the bug and/or glitch: A rule is listed on the forums that disallows almost all pvp based clients such as badlion client, lunar client and many forge mods.
    4. Video/screenshot of the glitch: "JustPvP is not allowed because of the ability to use 1.7 pvp mechanics." on this page: https://www.mineverse.com/threads/legal-and-illegal-modifications.70007/
    The example of disallowed modifications states that JustPvP is not allowed specifically because of 1.7 mechanics. However, badlion client also has the ability to use 1.7 mechanics, as do many other very common mods and pvp clients.
    If we apply this rule to the current sitation on mineverse, that being dozens of people using 1.7 mechanics, it would be reasonable for me to report every badlion client user for having 1.7 mechanics, clearly this is an outdated rule and it should be updated as soon as possible.
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    This sounds more like a suggestion than a bug report to me, so I'll be closing this.

    The stuff you say about 1.7 mechanics can be said about macros too; many clients have a macro feature, but it's up to you whether you want to use it or not. You're allowed to be on pretty much any client as long as you don't use something that comes across as unfair. To my knowledge, even BLC has a macro addon. Feel free to make a suggestion if you don't think using 1.7 mechanics is unfair though.

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